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Semester 1 (2023-2024)

Semester 2 (2023-2024)

Course Code Course Title Teacher Language
HIST4141 Iconographies, Unearthed Documents and Qin-Han History LAI Ming Chiu Cantonese HIST4142 History of Material Culture in Ancient China LAM Weng Cheong Cantonese HIST4392 The Making of the Middle East James MORTON English HIST4400GL Topic Studies in Asian History: Chinese Maritime Connections in Asia, 1500–1800 LUK Chi Hung English HIST4600SM Topic Studies in Comparative History: Slavery and Freedom in World History Stuart MCMANUS English HIST4703 Christianity in World History James MORTON English HIST5011B Perspectives in Comparative and Public History CHEN Wenyan Putonghua HIST5501 Special Topics in Traditional Chinese History: Ritual and politics of the Middle Periods of China CHEUNG Hiu Yu Putonghua HIST5506D Special Topics in Comparative History: Human-Animal Relationship in History POON Shuk Wah English HIST5507 Special Topics in Public History: History of North China: From Past to Present HUANG Yawen Putonghua HIST5513 Special Topics in Public History (Archival Studies): The Management and Appreciation of Records CHU Fook Keung Cantonese HIST5523 Special Topics in Public History (Legal Studies): Narratives on China’s Legal Past Billy SO English HIST5556 Commerce and Society in China 1368-2000
[CEF Reimbursable Course]
David FAURE Putonghua
HIST5559 Antiquities and Monuments in Hong Kong
[CEF Reimbursable Course]
SIU Lai Kuen Susanna Cantonese
HIST5575 Land Administration and Practice in Hong Kong
[CEF Reimbursable Course]
[For MA Students only]
CHEUNG Sui Wai Cantonese
HIST5610 China and The West PUK Wing Kin English

Summer Semester (2023-2024)

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