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Semester 1 (2020-2021)

Course Code Course Title Teacher Language
HIST4100WT 中國古代生活史(公元前三世紀至公元六世紀) TSE Wai Kit Wicky Cantonese HIST4180RH 平凡的聲音·不尋常的故事:紀錄片與傳記中的歷史與記憶 HE Xiaoqing Rowena Cantonese HIST4304SM Topic Studies in Pre-Modern World History: West and the World I: Antiquity Stuart MCMANUS English HIST4306JM Topic Studies in World History:The Making of the Middle East James MORTON English HIST4380 Industrial Revolution and its Impacts Ian MORLEY English HIST4390 Ancient Egypt: History, Art, Religion and Modern Perceptions HUANG Tzu-hsuan English HIST4400AS Topic Studies in Asian History:Introduction to the History of Modern South Asia Amrita SHODHAN English HIST4700SM Topic Studies in Public History:
Introduction to Digital History
Stuart MCMANUS English
HIST5011B 比較史及公眾史的視野 LEUNG Yuen Sang Putonghua HIST5501 中國古代及近世史特別專題:
CHEUNG Hiu Yu Jack Putonghua
HIST5502 中國近代史特別專題:城市空間的塑造及內涵 CHEN Wenyan Emily Putonghua HIST5506D Special Topics in Comparative History: Human-Animal Relationship in History POON Shuk Wah English HIST5508WT 中國史特別專題:
TSE Wai Kit Wicky Putonghua
HIST5515B Public Archaeology:
Social, economical and cultural values of archaeological activity
CHAU Hing-wah Cantonese
HIST5559 香港的古物與古蹟
SIU Lai Kuen Susanna Cantonese
HIST5568 A History of Republic of China CHENG Hwei Shing Putonghua HIST5591 中國社會的歷史人類學 HE Xi Putonghua HIST5592 Patterns in Urban History and Development Ian MORLEY English

Semester 2 (2020-2021)

Course Code Course Title Teacher Language
HIST4142 古代中國物質文化史 LAM Weng Cheong Cantonese HIST4180RH Topic Studies in Modern Chinese History:History of Modern China Professor HE Xiaoqing Rowena English HIST4260 Imperial Capitals: Chang’an, Luoyang and Kaifeng (B.C.202-A.D.1130) SIU Kam Wah Joseph Cantonese HIST4306SM Topic Studies in World History: West and the World III: Early Modernity Stuart MCMANUS English HIST4600JM Topic Studies in Comparative History: Medieval Superpowers: Byzantium and China in Comparative Perspective James MORTON English HIST4604 Chinese Diaspora LEE Hiu Hong Michael English HIST5011A Perspectives in Comparative and Public History LEUNG Yuen Sang English HIST5505A 香港史特別專題:香港土地制度與習慣
CHEUNG Sui Wai Cantonese
HIST5508C Special Topics in Chinese History: From Revolution to Reform in China, 1949-1976 HE Xiaoqing Rowena English HIST5513 公眾歷史特別專題(檔案學):檔案的管理與理解 CHU Fook Keung Simon Cantonese HIST5514A 公眾歷史特別專題(博物館研究):
TING Sun Pao Joseph Cantonese
HIST5538A Special Topics in Comparative History (Asia):
China-Japan Relations from 1949 to Present
[Not for students who had taken HIST5538A Special Topics in Comparative History (Asia): China-Japan Relations from 1949 to Present in 2011-12, 2012-13 , 2013-14, 2016-17]”
LAM Wo Lap Willy English
HIST5556 中國的商業與社會(1368-2000)
David FAURE Putonghua
HIST5590 中國近代史專題研究:近代中國的普通人 HE Xi Putonghua HIST5610 China and the West PUK Wing Kin English

Summer Semester (2020-2021)

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