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Semester 1 (2024-2025)

Semester 2 (2024-2025)

Course Code Course Title Teacher Language
HIST4260 Imperial Capitals: Chang’an, Luoyang and Kaifeng (BCE 202 – 1130 CE) SIU Kam Wah Cantonese HIST4704 Women, Society, and Politics in Modern China POON Shuk Wah Cantonese HIST5011A Perspectives in Comparative and Public History
[For MA Students only]
PUK Wing Kin English
HIST5502 Special Topics in Modern Chinese History: The Making of Urban Space CHEN Wenyan Putonghua HIST5506D Special Topics in Comparative History: Human-Animal Relationship in History POON Shuk Wah English HIST5507 Special Topics in Public History: Traditional Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong: Perspectives of History and Anthropology MA Mui Chi Putonghua HIST5508WT Special Topics in Chinese History: War, State, and Society in Ancient China (from early period to the sixth century AD) TSE Wai Kit Wicky Putonghua HIST5516 Special Topics in Public History (Chinese Heritage): Food and Crop in China, 14th -21st Centuries LEUNG Ki Che Angela Putonghua HIST5535 Special Topics in Comparative History (East and West): History of Travellers and Adventurers between East and West WOO Tze Yan Jessie Putonghua HIST5539 Special Topics in Comparative History (Urban Studies): A Tale of Three Cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore LEUNG Yuen Sang Putonghua HIST5542 Special Topics in Comparative History (Global Studies): Law and Religion in World History James MORTON English HIST5556 Commerce and Society in China 1368-2000
[CEF Reimbursable Course]
David FAURE Putonghua
HIST5559 Antiquities and Monuments in Hong Kong
[CEF Reimbursable Course]
SIU Lai Kuen Susanna Cantonese
HIST5575 Land Administration and Practice in Hong Kong
[CEF Reimbursable Course]
[For MA Students only]
CHEUNG Sui Wai Cantonese
HIST5590 The Common People of Modern China HE Xi Putonghua

Summer Semester (2024-2025)

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