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B.A. Programme

The Bachelor of Arts in History Programme stresses the importance of taking a global perspective in the study of history. Complemented by interdisciplinary studies, bi-lingual learning environment, as well as the provision of internship opportunities, the Programme aims at broadening our students’ perspectives, their minds, their creativity and originality, and their ability to change.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Emphasising book and field knowledge, theories and experiential practices.
  • Emphasising student creativity and active critical analysis, discouraging rote learning.
  • Offering a wide variety of new courses with maximum freedom in course selections.
  • Integrating Chinese History and World History: the programme allows students to see Chinese History through the eyes of the world, and world history through the eyes of China.
  • Emphasising comparative history and public history.
  • Participating Summer Internship Programme to provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in a real world.
  • Assigning academic advisors to each student providing support and general supervision on studying and adaption to the campus life during the study.
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