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UGEC2011 The Making of Modern Singapore

時間星期三 2:30pm - 4:15pm

地點李兆基樓 LT1


課程講師 李曉康 ((852) 3943 7122 /

助教 na


This course traces and examines the development of Singapore from 1819, when Stamford Raffles of the English East India Company established a trading settlement on the island, up to the present. The main focuses of the course will include the political, social and economic development of Singapore since the colonial era up to the post-independent period, the characteristics of the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities in Singapore, the impact of decolonization on Singapore and Southeast Asia, the roles performed by Lee Kuan Yew and the People’s Action Party in the nation-building of Singapore, and a comparison between Singapore and Hong Kong from a historical perspective.

Lecture Date Theme
1 8 Jan Modern Singapore: An Overview
Modern Singapore from Historical Perspective
Lecture Date Theme
2 15 Jan Stamford Raffles: Beginning of Modern Singapore
3 22 Jan Botanic Gardens and Singapore’s Colonial Economy
4 5 Feb Overseas Chinese and Peranakans in Singapore
5 12 Feb The Fall of Singapore and Japanese Occupation
6 19 Feb 9 August 1965
7 26 Feb Nation-Building of Singapore: Lee Kuan Yew and After
Modern Singapore from Political, Social and Economic Perspectives
Lecture Date Theme
8 4 Mar Becoming First World Country: Economic Growth and Development in Singapore
9 11 Mar Reengineering the Society: Public Housing and Central Provident Fund
10 18 Mar Moulding a Nation: Education for Elitism and Meritocracy
11 25 Mar Governing Singapore: The Government Machine under the People’s Action Party
12 8 Apr Filming Singapore: Mass Media and Press Freedom
13 15 Apr Beyond SG50: Singapore Past, Present and Future

Attendance (10%)
Online Forum on Required Readings (15%)
Mid-Term Data-Based Questions (25%)
Take-Home Examination (50%)


Please refer to the course outline to be available by late December 2019 in this website and elearn blackboard.




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