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Title of Project The Linxiang Prefecture and the Changsha Commandery in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 AD – 220 AD): The Governance of a Han Local Administration as Seen from the Archives Excavated in the Wuyi Square of Changsha, Hunan Principal Investigator LAI Ming Chiu Funding Source RGC General Research Fund
Title of Project Market System at the Conjunction of the Imperial Interregional Network: An Archaeological Study of Metal Objects in the Jingnan Region of the Han Empire Principal Investigator LAM Weng Cheong Funding Source RGC General Research Fund
Title of Project The Local Economy and Governance of the Han Dynasty as Seen from the Newly Unearthed Documents of Changsha Principal Investigator LAI Ming Chiu Funding Source CUHK-SJTU Joint Research Collaboration Fund
Title of Project 90th Anniversary Booklet of Chow Tai Fook Team Members POON Shuk Wah, MA Muk Chi Funding Source Chow Tai Fook Enterprise
Title of Project Provision of Services for Producing a Microhistory Learning and Teaching Package to Support the Implementation of the Revised Chinese History Curriculum at Junior Secondary Level Team Members CHEUNG Sui Wai, LAI Ming Chiu, PUK Wing Kin, CHEN Wenyan Emily Funding Source Education Bureau, HKSAR Government
Title of Project The United States ‘First Imperial Architect-Planner: William E. Parsons and the Manufacture in Built Form of the American Empire, c. 1905-1939 Principal Investigator Ian MORLEY Funding Source Direct Grant for Research
Title of Project Empowered by Imperial Ancestors: Ritual Politics and Ritualists in Northern Song Reforms Principal Investigator CHEUNG Hiu Yu Jack Funding Source Early Career Scheme
Title of Project Juggling Money: Tribute-grain Riots in the Qing Dynasty Principal Investigator CHEUNG Sui Wai Funding Source RGC General Research Fund
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