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Nurturing the Internationalization of Urban History Pedagogy in Hong Kong

Principal Investigator


Funding Source

Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant

Abstract of Project

This project centres upon devising an innovative online platform that enriches the conceptual frames of CUHK’s IaH and IoC. In consequence, the project is designed to: enhance internationalized knowledge, skill, and cognizance manufacture beyond the current domestic institutional scaffold; expose learners to new forms of experiential, active e-learning; connect CUHK staff and students to cross-continental networking via facilitating collaboration with a WUN partner/CUHK International Partnership Development Programme associate; and, extend online pedagogy so that learners will, on one hand, deepen comprehension of intercultural relationships and interactions across the globe in urban historical contexts and, on the other hand, have new opportunities to nurture lifelong learning for their own future global competitiveness.

In seeking to directly align the proposed project with the PI’s existing courses (and a new course to be given from 2021-22), yet having relevance too to History capstone courses HIST4801 and 4802 as well as elements of the Geography, Architecture, and Urban Studies syllabi, the e-platform will supply students with original content and activities so that outcome-based blended learning at CUHK is broadened. Moreover, by participating in active-centred education students will obtain first-hand experience of divergent methodologies, and intellectual and cultural standpoints (presented by scholars in Hong Kong and Australia) so that, ultimately, the purpose, diversity, delivery, and meaning of their schooling can be enlarged, plus, their grasp – understanding, attitude, value – of global citizenship increased.

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