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Programme Structure

(1) Internship Briefing Workshop
  • Introduction of the internship programme will be scheduled at 10:00 on 15 March 2024, KHB 220.
(2) Pre-Internship Orientation Workshop
  • Introduction on preparation for work and means of maximizing the learning outcomes
  • Basic communication skills in the work place
(3) Internship at the workplace (around 4-8 weeks)
  • From June to August
  • Students will be assigned to different companies for internship
  • Department will liaise with placement organizations on performance of interns
  • Department will contact interns regularly to collect feedbacks about their problems encountered in the work place.
(4) Internship Programme Review Workshop

  • Sharing of the working experience during the internship period
  • Collecting feedbacks from interns in order to have a continuous improvement of the Programme
(5) Upon Completion of the Internship Programme
  • Students are required to submit a reflection report, together with internship photos, to the department within 14 days upon the completion of the internship
  • At the end of the programme, interns may ask their supervisor to review their performance through the Evaluation Form and return it to the departmental office for applying the Summer Internship Certificate
  • Interns may apply for the Summer Internship Certificate, provided that they have:
    1. An attendance rate at the work place is reached no less than 80%;
    2. An overall performance is evaluated by the respective supervisor of the host institutions as Good or Excellent.
    3. Submitted all assignments, including Form A, Reflection Report and Photos
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