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Others Forms Obtained from Graduate School

Forms obtained from the website of Graduate School
(Click Student > GS Platform > Login by SID and CWEM password to download form)

  • TAS-1 – “Declaration Form on Intention to Submit Thesis/Portfolio”
  • TAS-2 – “Application for Change of Thesis/Portfolio Title”
  • TAS-3 – “Application for Deferment of Submission of Thesis/ Portfolio”
  • TAS-4 – “Thesis Submission Form”
  • TAS-5 – “Approval Form for Submission of Thesis/ Portfolio”
  • TAS-6 – “Checklist for Submission of Thesis/ Portfolio”
  • TAS-7 – “Form for Submission of Thesis/ Portfolio (Final Version) for Archive/ Microfilming”
  • TAD/S1 – “Application for Change of Supervisor/Appointment of Co-supervisor after the First Year”
  • “Electronic Thesis Submission Form for Final Version of Thesis”
  • “Application Form for Change of Personal Particulars Record”
  • CS-1 – “Selection of Courses Outside Prescribed Study Scheme”
  • “Application Form for Course and Unit Exemptions”
  • RPg – Conference – “Application Form for Leave of Absence (Conference)”
  • RPg – “Application Form for Leave of Absence”
  • “Application Form for Change of Expected Graduation Date”
  • “CUHK Research Postgraduate Student Grants for Overseas Academic Activities”
  • “Declaration of Completing the IP Course” (Offered by CLEAR
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