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Academic Key Dates



Action / Remarks

Course registration

Early August

Student to select courses via CUSIS

Term 1 starts

Early September


Course add/drop

2 weeks from start of term for most programmes

For courses within prescribed study scheme:
Student to submit course add/drops via CUSIS

For courses outside prescribed study scheme:
Student to submit Course Selection Form (CS-1) to Division

Late submission will not be considered unless full justification and support from Divisions are given

Declaration of intention to submit thesis

6 months before actual submission

Student to complete and submit Form TAS-1 to Division

Supervisor and Division Head to approve proposed date for thesis submission and proposed thesis title

Late submission of declaration form may delay graduation

Term 2 starts

Early January


Submission of thesis

Before 31 May / According to the proposed date of thesis submission

Student to submit the first draft of thesis by 31 May or according to the proposed date of thesis submission

Student to submit final version of thesis by 31 August, conferment will be in November of each year

Late submission may delay graduation

Change of study mode

Within normative period of study and before the close of add/drop period of course registration for the term

Student to return endorsed application to GS one month before commencement of the next term

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