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Semester 1 (2021-2022)

Course Code Course Title Teacher Language
HIST4180RH 中國近代史專題研究:平凡的聲音,不尋常的故事:紀錄片與傳記中的歷史與記憶 HE Xiaoqing Rowena Cantonese HIST4304JM Topic Studies in Pre-Modern World History
West and the World II: The Middle Ages
James MORTON English
HIST4380 The Industrial Revolution and Its Impacts Ian MORLEY English HIST4700JM Topic Studies in Public History
Christianity in World History
James MORTON English
HIST4700RH 公眾歷史專題研究:近代中國的女性、政治與社會 HE Xiaoqing Rowena Cantonese HIST4920 中國科舉制度的社會史研究 PUK Wing Kin Cantonese HIST5011A Perspectives in Comparative and Public History PUK Wing Kin English HIST5504 Special Topics in Modern World History: Guns and Militias Noah SHUSTERMAN English HIST5508WT 中國史特別專題:古代中國的戰爭、國家與社會 (先秦至魏晉南北朝)
War, State, and Society in Ancient China (from early period to the sixth century AD)

TSE Wai Kit Wicky Putonghua
HIST5515B 公眾歷史特別專題(考古學):公眾考古學:考古活動的社會、經濟和文化價值 CHAU Hing Wah Cantonese HIST5559 香港的古物與古蹟
SIU Lai Kuen Susanna Cantonese
HIST5568 A History of Republic of China CHENG Hwei Shing Putonghua HIST5590 近代中國的普通人 HE Xi Putonghua HIST5592 Patterns in Urban History and Development Ian MORLEY English HIST6016MC Selected Themes in Comparative History: Ancient Egypt: History, Art, Religion, and Modern Perceptions
(For MA & MPhil students only)
POO Mu-chou English

Semester 2 (2021-2022)

Course Code Course Title Teacher Language
HIST4260 Imperial Capitals: Chang'an, Luoyang and Kaifeng (B.C.202 - A.D.1130) SIU Kam Wah Joseph Cantonese HIST4305IM Topics Studies in Modern World History:
Imperialism and Urbanisation: Asian Cities and Empires
Ian MORLEY English
HIST4391 West and the World I: Antiquity Stuart MCMANUS English HIST4393 West and the World III: Early Modernity Stuart MCMANUS English HIST4500GL Topic Studies in Hong Kong History:
Global Historical Perspectives on Modern Hong Kong
LUK Chi Hung Gary English
HIST4910RH 文化史專題研究:
從革命到改革 (1949-1978)
HE Xiaoqing Rowena Cantonese
HIST5502XC Special Topics in Modern Chinese History: Politics and Society of China in the Early 20th Century FENG Xiaocai Putonghua HIST5506D Special Topics in Comparative History:
Human-Animal Relationship in History
POON Shuk Wah English
HIST5508C Special Topics in Chinese History:
History of Modern China
HE Xiaoqing Rowena English
HIST5513 公眾歷史特別專題(檔案學):檔案的管理與理解 CHU Fook Keung Simon Cantonese HIST5539 比較史特別專題:
LEUNG Yuen Sang Putonghua
HIST5542 Special Topics in Comparative History (Global Studies):
Law and Religion in World History
James MORTON English
HIST5556 中國的商業與社會 (1368-2000)
David FAURE Putonghua
HIST5575 Land Administration and Practice in Hong Kong
[於2019-20或2020-21年已修讀HIST5505A 香港史特別專題:香港土地制度與習慣之學生,不得修讀此科]
CHEUNG Sui Wai Cantonese
HIST5610 China and The West PUK Wing Kin English

Summer Semester (2021-2022)

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