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Double Major Programme (History and English)

AApplicable to students admitted in 2022-2023

Major Programme Requirement

Students are required to complete a minimum of 90 units of courses as follows:

1) Faculty Package: 9 Units

    • HIST1000#, ENGE1000# and any one course from:
      ANTH1020, ARTS1004, 1005, BMBL1001, CHES1100, CHLL1900 or 1902, CUMT1000, CURE1000, 1110, FAAS1900, HIST1700#, JASP1090, LING1000, MUSC1000, PHIL1110, THEO1000, TRAN1000

2) Required Courses: 21 Units

1st Major: History

    • HIST1001#, 1002#

2nd Major: English[a]

    • ENGE1310#, 1320, 1500, 1610, 3100

3) Elective Courses: 54 Units

1st Major: History

    • Students are required to complete 33 units of HIST courses, including at least 6 units from:
      HIST2002, 2005, 2006, 2007

2nd Major: English

    • Students are required to complete 21 units of ENGE courses.

4) Research Component/ Capstone Course/ Final Year Project 6 Units

    • HIST4811, 4812

Total: 90 Units



Explanatory Note:

1. HIST courses at 2000 and above level as well as those labeled as # will be included in the calculation of Major GPA for honours classification.

[a] Students who have completed courses ENGE1310, 1320 and 3100 will be eligible to apply for exemption of 8 units of University Core English Language Requirement courses ELTU1001, 2011 and 3011. Students are required to apply for the exemption. When exemption from a particular course is recognized, students can only be exempted from the course but not the units.

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