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LO Shuk Ying
LO Shuk Ying

Assistant Lecturer, Department of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Room 121, 1/F, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
(852) 3943 7120
Research Interests
  • Social and Cultural History in Modern China
  • History of Hong Kong
  • History of Children
  • Gender History
Selected Publications
  • 《漁港浮沉:筲箕灣的漁業發展》,香港:長春社古蹟文化資源中心,2019(The Rise and Fall of a Fishing Port in Hong Kong: The Fishery of Shaukeiwan. Hong Kong: CACHe, 2019). 
  • 《東華歷史散步》,香港:商務印書館 ,2019 (Historic Trails of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 2019).
  • 《母乳與牛奶:近代中國母親角色的重塑,1895-1937》,香港:中華書局, 2018 (Mother’s Milk and Cow’s Milk: Reinvention of Motherhood in Modern China, 1895-1937. Hong Kong, Chunghwa Book Co. Ltd, 2018.)
  • 《非我族裔:戰前香港的外籍族群》(合著),香港:三聯書店(香港)有限公司,2014。(Not My Ethnic Group: Foreign Communities in Pre-War Hong Kong. (Co-author) Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (HK) Company, 2014.)
  • 〈近代中國飲牛乳風氣與人、牛觀念的變遷(1800-1937)〉,載陳燕遐、潘淑華編:《「牠」者再定義──人與動物關係的轉變》,香港:三聯書店(香港)有限公司,2018,頁88-111。(“Drinking of Milk and the Change of Human-Animal Relationship in Modern China.” In Chan Yin Ha, and Poon Shuk Wah, eds. Redefinition of “It”: The Change of Human-Animal Relationships. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (HK) Company, 2018.)
  • 〈棄嬰、童工與妹仔:基督教與香港兒童研究(1848-1938)〉,《婦女/性別研究》,2016年第3輯(2016年9月),頁28-40 。(“Orphans, Child labour and Mui Tsai: Christianity and Children of Hong Kong, 1848-1938.” Women/Gender Studies, 2016, No. 3 (Sep 2016), pp. 28-40)
  • 〈圖像、雜誌與反日情緒:以《東方雜誌》為例,1928-1937〉,《南開學報(哲學社會科學)》2013年3 期(2013年6月),頁63-73。(“Visual Images, Magazines and Anti-Japanese Sentiments: A Case Study of Eastern Miscellany, 1928-1937.” Nankai Journal(Philosophy, Literature and Social Science Editions), No. 3, 2013 (Sum No. 233), pp.63-73.) Research Projects
Research Projects
Year Research Project
2017-2020 “Bottling Goodness: Culture and Commerce in Layered Identities of Dairy and Soy Beverages along the Periphery of China under Western Influences,” (GRF Project No.: 17604617)
University Grants Committee
2017-2019 A Social History of Milk in Modern China: Canton, Shanghai and Hong Kong, 1800-1980s, (Project Code: 4051098)
Direct Grant for Research 2016-2017
2014-2019 Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Preservation: Research and Editorial Work on “Ethnographic Field Notes: Historical Geography and Traditional Culture in Hong Kong,
Lord Wilson Heritage Trust

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