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Research Students

M.Phil. Students 2023-24

Name Thesis Title
CHAN Ho Yin From “Confession” to Confession: History and Memories through the Literary Life of Shao Yanxiang (1933-2020)
CHENG On Ki 告別五季:宋初「故事」研究
FONG Shing Tai Immanuel The Making of Chinese Customary Law in Hong Kong in the Aspect of Tso and Tong: A Case Study of Tsing Wan Kun an To Clan
GAN Lin Transnational Women and Children Trafficking in the Late Qing Dynasty
GUIANG Francisco Jayme Paolo Pensionados in the University of the Philippines: Medicine and Public Health in the Context of Filipinization (1916-1935)
HO Wing Yan 多元政治格局下的流民問題:以公元220-589年為期
NG Pui Chung 民國時期地方社會與天災控制——以浙江省預防螟蟲為中心進行探討 (1912-1937)
TICAO Mar Lorence Gamboa Tondo Through the Lens of the Colonizers: Representations of the Densest District of Manila in Newspapers during the American Colonial Era (1898-1946)
WANG Guanqi 東晉南朝的吳興武康沈氏——交遊、書寫及其地域觀念
WANG Shu Building the Modern Capital: Henry Murphy and the Urban Planning of Nanjing in the Republican Era (1927-1948)
XI Xu The Boundary of Robert Hart’s Power: His Failures in 1863-1911
YE Shunan 王元翰 (1565-1633) 之研究
ZHANG Junlong 鎮壓與對抗:浙江文革中的「地縣問題」


Ph.D. Students 2023-24

Name Thesis Title
CHEN Mengjia Ritualized Travels in Early China: Political Authority, Spiritual Cultivation, and the Afterlife
HOU Menglun 僧道、家族與士人:金元時代的山東地域社會
HUANG Xiadong Yankees in a Forging British Indian Ocean World: Trade, Knowledge and Strategy at the Gateways to the East Indies: 1800-1820s
JIANG Shuqing Family Memory: Construction of Family Identity of the Lü Family in Lantian during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 C.E.)
LEE Ying Chuen Damaged Lives and Forgotten Deaths: the Social History of Workers’ Health and Safety in Hong Kong
LI King Kwan 東晉南朝之書籍生產與閲讀文化
LIU Jiayan The Obscure Gazer: A Postcolonial Reading of La Condamine’s Transatlantic Scientific Expedition
PEI Xiaoshan 明清華北駝政與地域社會
REBONG Ma. Donna Solis Discourses on Disability during the American Colonial Period (1903-1935)
YANG Yunfei Who Made the Restoration? Historical Images of Gaozong and His Top Ministers in the Initial Years of Southern Song, 1127-1142
YANG Zhishui The Making of Urban Society in Fengtian, a Semblance of Order out of Turbulence (1890 to 1932)
ZHAO Xiaoxi 港口與城市:近代天津之貿易網絡,1862-1949
ZHU Gehui 從津渡到口岸:近代長江下游地區的社會嬗變
ZHU Lizhen 江河滙:鎮江的地方社會及其口岸經濟建構 (1842-1929)
ZOU Ningning Women and their Lives: A Comparative Study on the Feminine Space of the Paintings in the Carolingian Dynasty and Tang China, 750-850 c.e.
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