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Research Students

M.Phil. Students 2023-24

Name Thesis Title
CHAN Ho Yin History-Writing as Redemption: The Intellectual Life of Shou Yanxiang in the Post-revolutionary China
CHENG On Ki 形塑「祖宗之法」——宋真宗朝立法研究
FONG Shing Tai Immanuel The Practice of Chinese Customary Law in Hong Kong — a Common Law Jurisdiction: A Study of the Power of Tso & Tong‘s Manager
GAN Lin  
GUIANG Francisco Jayme Paolo  
HO Wing Yan  
NG Pui Chung 民國時期地方社會與天災控制——以浙江省預防螟蟲為中心進行探討 (1912-1937)
TICAO Mar Lorence Gamboa  
WANG Guanqi  
WANG Shu  
XI Xu The Boundary of Robert Hart’s Power: His Failures in 1863-1911
YE Shunan 王元翰(1565-1633)之研究
ZHANG Junlong  


Ph.D. Students 2023-24

Name Thesis Title
CHEN Mengjia 行路難:早期中國「旅行」觀念研究
CHU Mengyu  
HOU Menglun  
HUANG Xiadong  
JIANG Shuqing Family Memory: Construction of Family Identity of the Lü Family in Lantian during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 C.E.)
LEE Ying Chuen Damaged Lives and Forgotten Deaths: the Social History of Workers’ Health and Safety in Hong Kong
LI King Kwan 東晉南朝之書籍生產與閲讀文化
LIU Jiayan The Obscure Gazer: A Postcolonial Reading of La Condamine’s Transatlantic Scientific Expedition
PEI Xiaoshan  
REBONG Ma. Donna Solis Discourses on Disability during the American Colonial Period (1903-1935)
YANG Yunfei  
YANG Zhishui 近代東北的土地墾殖與地權關係
ZHAO Xiaoxi 港口與城市:近代天津之貿易網絡,1862-1949
ZHU Gehui 從津渡到口岸:近代長江下游地區的社會嬗變
ZHU Lizhen 明清以來崇明沙田開發與海島社會的變遷
ZOU Ningning Women and their Status: A Comparative Study on the Religious Images of Female Patrons in the Carolingian Dynasty and Tang China, 700-99 C.E.
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