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Course Enrolments

Students who wish to change their course enrolment for Term 2 are reminded to do so via the CUSIS during the following specified add/drop periods:

Undergraduate programme: Between 8:30pm on 18 January 2021 and 8:30pm on 24 January 2021
Postgraduate programmes: Between 10am on 11 January 2021 and 5:30pm on 25 January 2021


Exploring Shatin: Exploring Shatin with History Students of CUHK

As part of the course “Topic Studies in Public History: Introduction to Digital History” taught by Professor Stuart MCMANUS in 2020-21, the students created a website to showcase their research on the history of Shatin. To know more about their project and explore Shatin, please visit the website


For teachers and students who have information to share with the Department,
please email your articles in both Chinese and English to by 4:00pm every Monday.

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