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Supported by the Lee Hysan Foundation, four visiting Mainland PhD students will be with the Department from March 2016 onwards. During their four-month visit, these scholars will participate in academic activities organised by the Department and the University. The Department would like to extend a warm welcome to Miss LIN Qiuyun, Miss LOU Min, Mr. SUN Zixin and Mr. WANG Zhe.


Academic Activities

Recapping the Briefing Session for the Summer Internship Programme 2016 held on 2 March 2016

During the briefing session, Dr. Michael LEE introduced the objectives of the internship programme and details regarding the internship institutions.


Recapping the Public Lectures on History and Business in China 2015–16 “Making Money in South China: Ho Amei’s Tianhua Mining Co. (founded 1884)” delivered by Prof. Elizabeth SINN Yuk Yee on 3 March 2016

The four-session “Public lectures on History and Business in China 2015–16” held at the Hong Kong Central Library was successfully concluded on 3 March 2016. The fourth lecture, “Making Money in South China: Ho Amei’s Tianhua Mining Co. (founded 1884)” was delivered by Prof. Elizabeth SINN Yuk Yee of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong, was well received by an audience of 136.

Ho Amei’s Tianhua Mining Company operated a silver mine in Zhongshan and a silver lead mine on Lantau island. It was a pioneering effort — at the time, the Qing government was just beginning to formulate regulations on commercial mining and the joint stock company was still a new institution among the Chinese. Prof. SINN’s talk showed how people made, or tried to make, money in south China in the late 19th century through this company. The study on Ho’s has provided an empathetic way and gained fresh insights into Chinese business history.


Recapping the Teaching Enhancement Workshop on 4 March 2016

Prof. Yip Hon Ming, Department Chair, and Prof. Poo Mu-chou, Division Head, held a Teaching Enhancement Workshop on 4 March 2016, which was attended by 27 MPhil and PhD students. Both the teachers and students treasured the opportunity to discuss issues on teaching and learning and share their valuable experience as teaching assistants in the Department of History.



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