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Academic Activities

Recapping the academic seminar “Visual Reconstruction of Urban History: Image, Imagination and Chinese Urban Cultural Study” conducted by Prof. WANG Di on 6 November 2015.

Prof. WANG Di, Distinguished Professor and Head of the Department of History, University of Macau, was invited by the Department and the Research Institute for the Humanities to present a lecture to the Department’s postgraduate students.

Prof. WANG demonstrated the modernisation process in urban change and public sphere of Chengdu from Late Ching to the Republican era through visual materials such as photographs, comics and folk art paintings. He further discussed how historical concepts and methodology, personal experiences and historical sources contributed and confined the reconstruction of the history of a city. Though personal sentiment and experience may contribute to the reconstruction of historical context, they should be employed under the restriction of historical methodology and the researcher should be aware of the limitation of the use of specific historical sources and narratives.


Upcoming Events

MA in Comparative and Public History Graduation Celebration Lunch 2015

The Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony will be held on 20 November 2015 (Friday). To mark this memorable day, a buffet lunch and a group photo taking session will be arranged. Staff, students, graduates and alumni of the MA Programme are cordially invited to join in the occasion.

20 November 2015 (Friday)
Group Photo Taking
Time : 12:30pm
Place : Staircase next to Tsang Shiu Tim Building, United College, CUHK
20 November 2015 (Friday)
Buffet Lunch
Time : 12:45pm – 2:30pm
Venue : United College Staff Canteen
G/F, Cheung Chuk Shan Amenities Building, United College, CUHK

Please contact Ms. Mavis WONG of the M.A. Programme Office at 3943 8659 for details and registration.


20 November 2015 (Friday)
Academic Seminar
GIS在史學之人文、地理研究中的新視角 — 以《史記》、《漢書》、《三國志》研究與南海島嶼名考證為例
Date : 20 November 2015 (Friday)
Time : 4:30pm
Venue : Arts and Humanities Hub (G24), G/F, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK
Topic : GIS在史學之人文、地理研究中的新視角 — 以《史記》、《漢書》、《三國志》研究與南海島嶼名考證為例
Speaker : Prof. XU Panqing
Sanjiang University
Language : Putonghua
Enquiry : 3943 7159

Organiser: Research Centre for Humanities Computing, Research Institute for the Humanities, CUHK
Co-organiser: Centre for Chinese History, Department of History, CUHK


20 November 2015 (Friday)
Academic Seminar
Date : 20 November 2015 (Friday)
Time : 4:30pm – 6:15pm
Venue : Room 304, 3/F Lee Shau Kee Building, CUHK
Topic : 玉器與王權
Speaker : Prof. TANG Chung
Language : Putonghua
Enquiry : 3943 8541


Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History 2015

To enhance academic and cultural exchange, Chung Chi College, New Asia College and the Department of History of the University joined hands in 2007 to establish the “Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History”. This year, Professor YEH Wen-hsin, Richard H. and Laurie C. Morrison Chair Professor of History Department, University of California at Berkeley has been invited as the guest speaker of the following two public lectures:

22 November 2015 (Sunday)
First Lecture
Shipwrecked: The Rover and Late Qing Taiwan
Date : 22 November 2015 (Sunday)
Time : 3:00pm
Venue : Lecture Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Museum of History
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Topic : Shipwrecked: The Rover and Late Qing Taiwan
Moderator: Prof. LEUNG Yuen-sang
Dean of Faculty of Arts, CUHK

This talk is jointly organized by the Committee on Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History, CUHK and the Hong Kong Museum of History.

23 November 2015 (Monday)
Second Lecture
Date : 23 November 2015 (Monday)
Time : 3:30pm
Venue : Cho Yiu Hall, G/F, University Administration Building, CUHK
Topic : Wartime Writing: A Practice of Reading
Moderator: Prof. Jan KIELY
Associate Director of Centre for China Studies, CUHK

The lectures will be conducted in Putonghua. For enquiries, please call at 3943 7610 or email to


27 November 2015 (Friday)
Academic Workshop
Academic Workshop for Memories and Monuments: A Comparative Study of Chinese Migration
Date : 27 November 2015 (Friday)
Time : 9:15am – 6:00pm
Venue : Room 101, 1/F, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK
Language: Putonghua
Enquiry: 3943 7119


28 November 2015 (Saturday)
Information Seminar
Information Seminar for the Master of Arts Programme in Comparative and Public History
Date : 28 November 2015 (Saturday)
Time : 2:30pm
Venue : Room 502, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK
Spearker: Dr. MA Muk Chi
Language: Cantonese
Enquiry: 3943 8659


For teachers and students who have information to share with the Department,
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