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Glosses on Uncertainty: Liang Yusheng, Sima Qian, and the History of the Qin

Prof. Jeffrey RIEGEL, Professor Emeritus of the University of California, Berkeley, and The University of Sydney, was invited by the Department to deliver a lecture entitled “Glosses on Uncertainty: Liang Yusheng, Sima Qian, and the History of the Qin” on 2 October 2019.

Prof. RIEGEL presented his ongoing research on the Shiji zhiyi (史記志疑) of Liang Yusheng (梁玉繩) related to the history of the Qin Dynasty. He pointed out that Shiji zhiyi  was not only  an “evidence-based research” on Shiji(史記) but also a critique on Sima Qian (司馬遷) and Liang Yusheng’s perspective on the history of early China. Therefore, through the study of Liang’s life, his education, scholarly associations and the “secondary sources” cited in Shiji zhiyi, Prof. RIEGEL tried to analyse how Liang’s approach toward Shiji and his point of view were affected by scholars of his time like Qian Daxin (錢大昕) and Lu Wenchao (盧文弨), and predecessors such as Liu Zhiji (劉知幾) and Wu Shidao (吳師道), besides the influence from his family. Based on the discussion of Liang’s works, Prof. RIEGEL believed that Shiji was a deeply rich yet problematic source for the history of early China, and thus left room for discussion on the translation of Shiji and the study of Qin history.

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