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UGEC2041 近代中國婦女史

Semester 2 (2019-2020)

Lecture TimeMonday 2:30pm-4:15pm

VenueLSK LT4


Lecturer CHEUNG Ching Man Emily (

Course Description


2020年1月6日 第一講 導論
2020年1月13日 第二講 中國文化與古代婦女
2020年1月20日 第三講 婦女解放戒纏足
2020年1月27日 假期 農曆新年假期
2020年2月3日 第四講 婦女解放興女學
2020年2月10日 第五講 上海摩登婦女的出現
2020年2月17日 第六講 民國婦女的情感世界
2020年2月24日 第七講 婦女與革命
2020年3月2日 第八講 「撐起半邊天」的新中國婦女
2020年3月10日 第九講 改革開放下的中國婦女
2020年3月17日 第十講 婦女文化/次文化 – 以自梳女為例
2020年3月24日 第十一講 香港婦女今昔
2020年3月30日 休講 期中閱讀週
2030年4月6日 第十二講 總結

(# 請登入eLearning瀏覽最新課堂資訊、下載課堂講義及參考資料。)

Assessment & Assignments

測驗 (30%)

論文 (70%)

Honesty in Academic Work

Attention is drawn to University policy and regulations on honesty in academic work, and to the disciplinary guidelines and procedures applicable to breaches of such policy and regulations. Details may be found at

With each assignment, students will be required to submit a signed declaration that they are aware of these policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures.

  • In the case of group projects, all members of the group should be asked to sign the declaration, each of whom is responsible and liable to disciplinary actions, irrespective of whether he/she has signed the declaration and whether he/she has contributed, directly or indirectly, to the problematic contents.
  • For assignments in the form of a computer-generated document that is principally text-based and submitted via VeriGuide, the statement, in the form of a receipt, will be issued by the system upon students’ uploading of the soft copy of the assignment.

Assignments without the properly signed declaration will not be graded by teachers.

Only the final version of the assignment should be submitted via VeriGuide.

The submission of a piece of work, or a part of a piece of work, for more than one purpose (e.g. to satisfy the requirements in two different courses) without declaration to this effect shall be regarded as having committed undeclared multiple submissions. It is common and acceptable to reuse a turn of phrase or a sentence or two from one’s own work; but wholesale reuse is problematic. In any case, agreement from the course teacher(s) concerned should be obtained prior to the submission of the piece of work.

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