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Message from Department Chairman

Welcome to the Department of History, CUHK!

Each year in the orientation I confirm that you are wise to choose History as the major programme in CUHK. We have the most attractive humanity program in Hong Kong. In terms of teaching faculty, we have 15 to 16 professors and 5 lecturers, and a numbers of part-time and adjunct professors. Our renowned faculty members guide more than 340 talented students through our interesting and challenging courses.

The Department of History provides valuable opportunities to cultivate your history profession. Our programme leads students to explore major historical events, crises and many kinds of movements in history from cultural, military, economic and political perspectives. I believe our highly competitive undergraduate program attracts the most dynamic students.

We train students with history skills of research and synthesis, thinking and analysis, data examination and interpretation. More importantly, we provide advice to students in preparation for future and engagement as national and global citizens.

You may note that history students are much more well-equipped than before, especially in connection with the society. Instead of focusing their studies and training on historiography, national history, literature and archaeological artifacts, many students extend their learning activities in the public space, apply their history profession in current issues, and practice history beyond classroom for the betterment of the society. Absorbing the experience from history, history students may find our program consisting of all knowledge components to resolve social cruxes. History students find it much challenging when they apply historical analyze beyond academy to a variety of social settings. However, in whatever situation, with the efforts of our dearest colleagues and all our students, I believe that pursuing professional knowledge for historical truth, and achieving vigor in historical research remain our ultimate goal.

Finally, I wish all freshmen enjoy your studies in our department and have a glorious future after your graduation.

Professor LAI Ming Chiu
Department Chairman

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