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Message from Department Chairman

It is my pleasure to extend my warmest greetings and welcome to all of you, especially our freshmen who join the big family of the Department of History.

The Department of History encourages its undergraduate students to look at and to explore historical issues in board and holistic views. I always share Sima Qian’s and Liu Zhiji’s ideas with history students, and wish them to build a solid foundation on historical knowledge, and to keep a clean heart and calm mind in face of adversity, particularly in a chaotic situation. Sima Qian said, “Examining the changes taken place from ancient to present times, one can form his personal opinion.” Being sensitive to historical thinking and alert to the past experience from predecessors, history students are expected to be knowledgeable and wise enough to analyse the crux of political and social disputes.

This year our Department offers about 80 historical study courses on a variety of chronological and topographical areas, of which most of them are problematic designed, targeting at critical thinking, global and comparative approaches. Our history program will benefit the professional training of undergraduate students in employment prospects, particularly in education and cultural management sectors. We pride ourselves to provide a disciplined but caring atmosphere for students to pursue their goals.

I am glad to welcome two sophisticated professors who join our Department this year. Professor Rowena Xiaoqing HE (何曉清) received her PhD from the University of Toronto. Professor HE focuses her research on modern and contemporary Chinese history, society and politics. She has a variety of research interests, such as nexus of history, memory, power, political socialisation, youth values, social change and their implications for citizenship, etc. She teaches courses on “Topic Studies in Modern Chinese History: Ordinary Voices, Extraordinary Stories: History and Memory in Documentaries and Biographies (1949-Present)”, “Topic Studies in Cultural History: The Post-Mao Era: Society, Culture, and Politics (1976-Present) 文化史專題研究:毛時代後的中國:社會、文化與政治 (1976–今)” and “Special Topics in Chinese History: From Revolution to Reform in China, 1949-1976”.

Professor Wicky Wai Kit TSE (謝偉傑) received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Professor TSE focuses his research on early imperial China, roughly referring to the period between the late third century BC and the sixth century AD. He also demonstrates diversified research interests, such as violence, war and warfare, regional cultures interaction with the process of militarisation of society, etc. He teaches courses on “Topic Studies in Chinese History: Everyday Life in Ancient China (From the Third Century BC to the Sixth Century AD) 中國史專題研究:中國古代生活史 (公元前三世紀至公元六世紀)”, “Historiography (Advanced) 史學(進階)” and “Topic Studies in Chinese History: Warfare and Society (from Early China to the Sixth Century AD) 中國史專題研究:戰爭與社會(早期中國至公元六世紀)”.

Last but not least, I sincerely wish you understand the mission and vision of being a history student, not just within the normative study period but for your lifetime.

Professor LAI Ming Chiu
Department Chairman

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