The conference focuses on the mental and social reactions of Chinese intellectuals in great periods of transformation during imperial and modern China. It attempts to provide historians, social scientists, and researchers of other fields a chance to share findings on the cutting-edge theme of the history of Chinese intellectuals. The conference is also opened to research students and the learned public. The papers presented in this conference are of relevance to the four themes below:
  1. Rise of neo-Confucianism and its influence on the mentality of traditional scholars
  2. Changing mentality and patterns of behavior of Chinese intellectuals in times of crisis
  3. Transition in the mentality of contemporary Chinese intellectuals: global capitalism, state power, and cultural identity
  4. Formation and transformation of intellectual communities in modern China






25-26 May 2018

  時間: 上午9時至下午5
  Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
  地點: 香港中文大學馮景禧樓1101
  Venue: Room 101, 1/F, Fung King Hey Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong