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LEUNG Yuen Sang

BA, MPhil (CUHK); PhD (UCSB)
Director of Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture, Institute of Chinese Studies, CUHK;
Professor of History, CUHK


Address: Room 104, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK, NT, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3943 7113

Writing history is a quest for Truth and Reality but it is also a personal search for Identity and Meaning. Historiographic traditions represent various forms of collective memories; yet they are also expressions of different cultural mentalities.

Research Specializations and Interests

  1. Confucianism and Christianity in Modern China
  2. Cities and Cultures: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen
  3. Overseas Chinese Communities: Singapore and Los Angeles

Research Projects

Year Research Project


"Redefining the West River". RGC Central Allocation. C.I.)


"A Documentary History of Public Health in Hong Kong". RGC Earmarked Grant. P.I.


The Christian Dreams: Models of Christian Higher Education in Asia. RGC Earmarked Grant. C.I.


The Walls and Waters: A Comparative Study of City Cultures in Modern Asia. RGC Earmarked Grant. P.I.


"Culture" or "Destiny"? - The Confucian Experiment in Modern Singapore, RGC Earmarked Grant, P.I.


The Uncertian Phoenix , RGC Earmarked Grant, P.I.


The Legitimation of New Orders: A comparative Study of Chinese and World History, CCK Foundation Grant, P.I.


Thirteen Points of Light , RGC Earmarked Grant, C.I.

Course Offered

  1. Chinese-Christian Encounter
  2. Chinese Diaspora
  3. History of Modern Southeast Asia
  4. Topic Studies in Modern Chinese History
  5. Selected Themes in Modern Chinese History: Shanghai and Hong Kong
  6. Selected Themes in Modern Chinese History: Chinese Cities and Urban Development
  7. Selected Themes in Comparative History: China & Christianity

Selected Publications

[A] Books

  1. The Legitimation of New Orders: Case Studies in World History. ( Hong Kong Chinese University Press, 2007) edited by Philip Y.S. Leung with preface and a chapter.
  2. 《基督教與中國》(台北:宇宙光出版社. 2006, 235 頁)
  3. 《新加坡華人社會史論》(The Chinese Community in Early Singapore),新加坡:國立大學中文系及八方文化出版社,2005。
  4. The Shanghai Taotai: Linkage Man in a Changing Society, 1843-90. (上海道臺研究--轉變中社會之連繫人物) Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1990. 中文譯本 ,上海:古籍出版社,2004。
  5. 《十字蓮花:基督教與中國歷史文化論集》 (The Cross-Lotus: Selected Essays on Chinese Christianity) ,香港:基督教與中國宗教文化出版社,2004。
  6. 《宣尼浮海到南洲》(Confucianism and the Singapore Chinese Community: Historical Documents )香港:中文大學出版社,1995。
  7. 《歷史探索與文化反思》.(Historical Inquiry and Cultural Reflection)香港:教育圖書公司,1995。
  8. Modern China in Transition(過渡中的現代中國) Edited with Edwin Leung. Claremont, CA: Regina Books, 1995。

[B] Articles & Book Chapters

  1. "Conversion, Commitment and Culture: Christian Experience in China, 1949-99," in Donald M. Lewis (ed) christianity Reborn: The Global Expansion of Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century (Grand Rapids, MI: Won. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2004) pp. 87-107.
  2. "The Walls and Waters: A Comparative Study of City Cultures in Modern China -- Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong," published by Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute & Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, October 2002.
  3. "Mission History Versus Church History: The Case of China Historiography," in Wilbert R. Shenk (ed.) Enlarging The Story: Perspectives on Writing World Christian History, published by Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY, USA, 2002.
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  8. "Mutual Images and Self Reflections: Views from Late Nineteenth-Century Shanghai and Singapore," in Chinese Studies (Taipei: Center for Chinese Studies), vol.19, no.2 (Dec.2001),pp.417-436.
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