Lecturer: Michael H. Lee
Lecture Time: 2:30-4:15 pm, Thursdays
Lecture Venue: LHC 103
Tutorial Time: 4:30-6:15 pm, 8 Feb, 22 Feb, 1 Mar, 8 Mar (Thursday)
Tutorial Venue: To be Arranged

This course introduces and examines the historical development of Korea over the past 2,000 years up to the present. It covers the imperial era comprising the periods of Three Kingdoms, Koryo Dynasty, and Chosen Dynasty, which ended in 1910 when Japan annexed Korea, the period of Japanese colonialism, independence movement and Korean War, and subsequently the separation between South and North Koreas, each of which has experienced extremely divergent pathways of development since the 1950s. The course also analyzes and discusses major factors that affecting the transformation of Korea over different stages of historical development

Learning Outcome

  1. The students can trace and analyze the historical development of Korea and explain the factors that affecting its historical development.
  2. The students will be able to identify major characteristics of the historical development of Korea during ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary periods.
  3. The students should be able to conduct more in-depth research on Korean history, and also explore the relationship between Korea and other major powers in Asia, including China, Japan, the US and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) since the twentieth century.

Class schedule:

Lecture Date Theme
1 11/01/2018 Introduction: Understanding Korean History
2 18/01/2018 Three Kingdoms
3 25/01/2018 Sinicization and Koryo
4 01/02/2018 Mongol Colonialism
5 08/02/2018 Choson
6 22/02/2018 Late Choson
7 01/03/2018 Japanese Colonialism
8 08/03/2018 Korean Nationalism and Independence Movement
9 15/03/2018 Korean War and Two Koreas
10 22/03/2018 Park Chung Hee and South Korea
12 12/04/2018 Democratization of South Korea
13 19/04/2018 Conclusion: Past, Present and Future of Korea

*This schedule is adopted from the course offered in 2015-16 and for preliminary reference only. It is subject to change. For the finalized schedule, please refer to the course outline to be available by early January 2018 in the elearn blackboard.

Tutorials (25%)
Mid-Term Assignment (25%)
Take-Home Examination (50%)
*Assessment is tentative and subject to change.
Please refer to the course outline to be available by early January 2018 in the elearn blackboard.
Last updated on 12 Jan 2018