Course Description
This course seeks to enhance studentsˇ¦ understanding of the relevance of historical knowledge to concerns of today. It addresses issues which university students may be personally concerned with as individuals and as responsible and contributing members of society. The topics will be adjusted from time to time on a flexible and student-oriented approach, covering selected issues befitting the objectives of the course.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, students will:
  • Have enhanced awareness and curiosity of professional historical knowledge and its relevance to todayˇ¦s major issues or personal concerns;
  • Have enhanced judgment to distinguish narratives from facts;
  • Have enhanced ability to apply the arts and skills of historical research;
  • Have enhanced reading, writing, and oral expression skills.

Course Schedule

Jan. 5, 2015
Introduction: History for Today
  Powerpoint File
Word File
Jan. 12
Historical Names & Terms in Our Daily Life
  Powerpoint File
Jan. 19
Mythology (Chinese & Western): Past & Present
Powerpoint File
Jan. 26 History: Learning History via Speeches
Powerpoint File
Feb. 2 The Impact of the Ancient World on our Daily Life
Powerpoint File

Feb. 9

Mid-term Quiz
Feb. 16
The Impact of the Medieval Empires on our Daily Life
Powerpoint File
Mar. 2
Learning History through Movies
PDF File
Mar. 9
Learning History through Cartoons
PDF File 1
PDF File 2
Mar. 16
Learning History through Music (folk & pop music)
PDF File 1
PDF File 2
Mar. 23
The Rise of the Great Nations since the 15th century
Mar. 30
Modern World: East & West and *Submission of the Final Essay*
Apr. 13
Overall Review & Conclusion
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