Course Description
This course examines the main historical events in Western Civilization from Mesopotamia to the twentieth century. Major historical themes of the West and their significance are introduced in order to attain a macro-historical understanding of Western Civilization.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, students will:
  • Be able to have a better understanding of the tradition and transformation of the western history and culture;
  • Be able to critically think about related issues of the west;
  • Be able to gain a basic understanding of the history and development of the world as a whole.

Teaching Schedule

Jan. 10, 2014
Introduction: What is history?/The Ancient Near East: Mesopotamia & Egypt
Jan. 17
The Ancient Greek Literature: Aesopˇ¦s Fables & Greek Tragedies (Homer and Sophocles)
Jan. 24
The Greek polis (Athens and Sparta)
Feb. 7 The Greek Philosophy: Socrates and Plato
Feb. 14 The Rise of Christianity

Feb. 21

The Fall of the Roman Empire
Feb. 28
Medieval Feudalism
Mar. 7
Medieval Islam
Mar. 14
Medieval Church and Empire
Mar. 21
Medieval England & Mid-term Quiz
(No Lecture Powerpoint for Quiz Day)
Mar. 28
From the Age of Faith to the Age of Reason/Enlightenment
Apr. 4
The Century of Revolutions: from the French Revolution, 1789 to the 1848 Revolution & New Imperialism (* Please sign up* and collect the Questions & Answer Books for the Final Take-Home Exam.)
Apr. 11
Twentieth-Century Europe: the Two World Wars & ˇ§The Political Collapse of Europeˇ¨ & Overall Review (Submission of the Final Take-Home Exam. Answer Books)
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