The reference books can be found at the Reserved Section in University Library.
Carr, Edward. What is History
Hollister, C. Warren. Roots of the Western Tradition
---------------------. Medieval Europe
---------------------. The Making of England
Starr, Chester. The Ancient Greeks
---------------. The Ancient Romans
Kitto, H.D.F. The Greeks
Frost, Frank. Greek Society
Gibbon, Edward. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Russell, Jeffrey B. A History of Medieval Christianity
Barraclough, Geoffey. Medieval Papacy
Southern, R.W. Western Views of Islam in the Middle Ages
Hill, Bennett D., ed. Church and State in the Middle Ages
Tierney, Brian, ed. Great Issues in Western Civilization
Spitz, Lewis, ed. Major Crises in Western Civilization
Holt, J. C. Magna Carta
Palmer, R.R. A History of the Modern World
Gershoy, Leo. The Era of the French Revolution, 1789-1799: Ten Years that Shook the World
Remak, Joachim. The Origins of World War I 1871-1914
Holborn, Hajo. The Political Collapse of Europe

western history, tradition, transformation, ancient Greco-Roman, medieval Europe, medieval England, European politics.


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