Tutorial Presentation# = 25%


2 Mid-term Quiz = 25%


3 Oral Presentation of Individual Final Term Paper = grace marks

Final Term Paper### = 50%

  #Tutorial Topics:
  • Classical Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism in Ancient China
  • The Great Empires of Ch¡Šin, Han, and T¡Šang
  • From Sung to Ch¡Šing Dynasties
  • Modern China since 1911
  ## Students may present their draft Final Term Paper (orally for 5 minutes) to the class during the last 2 Lectures, grace marks will be given.
  ### Students have to submit their Final Term Paper [hard copy] (on a topic within the scope of the course outline or approved by the professor) [10 to 15 typing pages, A4 size, Font 12, double spaced] at the last but one Lecture: on Nov. 18, 2013 (Monday).
*Each student must upload before the deadline of submission a soft copy of the completed assignment to the plagiarism detection engine VeriGuide at the URL:
The system will issue a receipt which also contains a declaration of honesty, which is the same as that in
The declaration should be signed, and the receipt stapled to a hard copy of the assignment, which should be handed in to the professor before the deadline of submission.
Assignments without the receipt will not be graded by the professor.
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