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Curriculum Highlights
  1. Integrating Chinese History and World History: the programme allows students to see Chinese History through the eyes of the world, and world history through the eyes of China.
  2. Emphasizing comparative history and public history.
  3. Emphasizing field study to learn history.
  4. Work-Integrated Education: Summer Internship Programme (For details of the Programme, please visit the website).
  5. Emphasizing student creativity and active critical analysis, discouraging rote learning.
  6. Wide variety of new courses: over 80 courses per year offered, including the histories in ancient times, modern, contemporary, China and the world. (For details of the course offerings, please visit the website).
  7. Maximum freedom in course selections: a ranging from the history of food culture, antiquities and monuments, commercial history and the history of myths and legends.
  8. Sufficient courses in English for English-speaking students.
  9. The academic advisor assigned individually to each student provides friendly support to deal with intellectual and practical problems which arise in an active university experience.