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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the basic admission requirement of HIS?

Please visit the page of Entrance Requirements.

Q2. Is it important to have HIS as my JUPAS Band A choice?

Yes. In 2019, all students admitted in the History are from Band A.

Q3. Is there any advantage to be gained from taking Chinese History or/and World History course(s) in HKDSE?

No. All applicants are treated on an equal basis in the admission exercise.

Q4. Do the institutions know my actual priority of programme choices in the admission exercise?


Q5. Do I have to attend any interview in applying for the History Department?

Interview will be conducted for critical situation only.

Q6. Will you consider my grades obtained in the GCE, LCC, IB, SAT, or other Non-JUPAS results?

Yes. Students can apply for admission through the Non-JUPAS scheme.

Q7. What kind of student is suitable to study history?

  1. those who are critical
  2. those who have good command of languages (Chinese and English)
  3. those who have global perspective
  4. those who are creative and are willing to face challenge
  5. those who understand that study is more than memorizing

Q8. What are the career opportunities of the History graduates?

History graduates have a very broad career prospect. They are found in virtually all public and private sectors such as civil services, discipline forces, publication industry, commerce or education. Some graduated also head for postgraduate studies.