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Resource Links

CUHK History Studies Website

  1. 21st Century
  2. Centre for the Comparative Study of Antiquity
  3. Historical GIS Database on the Songjiang Region in Late Ming China
  4. Hong Kong-America Centre
  5. Hong Kong History and Society
  6. Research Centre for Contemporary Culture
  7. Research Institute for the Humanities (RIH)
  8. Universities Service Centre for China Studies
  9. University Services Centre

Local Tertiary Institutes

  1. The University of Hong Kong
  2. The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  3. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  4. City University of Hong Kong
  5. Hong Kong Baptist University
  6. The Open University of Hong Kong
  7. Hong Kong Shue Yan University
  8. Lingnan University
  9. The Education University of Hong Kong

Worldwide History Departments

  1. Department of History, Peking University
  2. Department of History, University of California, Berkley
  3. Faculty of History, MIT

Academic Institutes

  1. Historical Links, Academic Sinica, Tai Wan
  2. Institute of History and Philology, Academic Sinica, Tai Wan
  3. China Academy of Social Science
  4. Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke Univ.
  5. University of California, Davis Department of Anthropology
  6. Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch

Academic Journals

  1. New Historian, Tai Wan
  2. YaleGlobal Online
  3. 漢學研究
  4. Journal of Song-Yuan Studies
  5. Historylinks
  6. History and Theory
  7. Twentieth Century British History
  8. Genders Online Journal

Historical resources and others

  1. The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)
  2. Harvard CHGIS
  3. Centre for Research on Globalization
  4. Global Policy Forum
  5. International Forum on Globalization
  6. (People's Online) Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, Vol. I-III
  7. Culture and Society of Hong Kong: A Bibliography
  8. China in Time and Space (CITAS)
  9. The Nationalism Project
  10. Chinese English Centre