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Resources & Support

University's Support and Services

Postgraduate Student Grants for Overseas Academic Activities

Postgraduate Student Grants for Overseas Academic Activities aims to provide support for full-time regular research postgraduate students to conduct academic activities abroad.
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Library Services

The services include loan of books (a maximum of 40 books can be borrowed for a period of 30 days), inter-library book loan, multimedia and other services.
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Computing Services

The services include email, on-campus hook-up to the campus electronic network so as to use one's personal computer and other services.
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The Postgraduate Halls (PGH) consist of six buildings, Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall (PGH 1), Chiangs - PGH 2, Inter-University Hall (IUH) - PGH 3 and Halls No. 4 to No. 6, offering 1,000 hostel spaces in total. All postgraduate students, part-time or full-time, are eligible to apply for hostel spaces.
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Office of Student Affairs

The services provided by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) include career planning and development, student counselling and development, scholarships and financial aids, student activities support and management of student amenities.
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University Health Services

Full-time students are provided with a comprehensive on-campus medical, dental and health promotion service by the Health Centre.
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For other services provided by the University, please visit the Graduate School's Homepage ( [go to "Admission" > "University Facilities and Services"].

Computer Laboratory (Room 126, 1/F, KHB)

The Department has a Computer Laboratory with adequate Computer facilities (several computers, networked printers and scanners) for the academic use of the students.
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:45 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday: 7:45a.m. - 7:00p.m.
Maintenance Session, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed
[ Policies and Guidelines using Computer Laboratory ]
[ Postgraduate Students' Printing Service in the Computer Laboratory ]

Lee Hysan Foundation Young Scholar Exchange Scheme

The Scheme aims to provide support for our regular PhD students to conduct academic activities abroad. Please go to "Download Area" for details and form.

PGS Office (Room 128, 1/F, KHB)

PGS Office with wifi access is provided for our RPg student to have discuss or preparation of teaching materials.
[Condition of Use ]

Locker (Room 126, 1/F, KHB)

Locker is provided for PGS holders within their normative period at PGS Office