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Department News

Congratulations to the recipients of distinguished awards and scholarships

Our outstanding students have won various competitive awards and scholarships during the year. Below is a list of awardees. Our heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees!

1.       Bank of China (Hong Kong) Scholarship for Outstanding Student in Chinese History
          •        HE Ying Qi (Ug, Year 1)
          •        LAI Ho Ching (Ug, Year 1)
          •        LEUNG Man Fai (Ug, Year 1)

2.       The 6th Global Youth Chinese Literary Award
          •        KWOK Sum Yuen (Ug, Year 3)
          •        WONG Yu Cheung (Ug, Year 4)

3.       “The World Listens to Me”— Cultural Debate Competition of Mainland, HK, Taiwan and Macau
          •        ZHENG Linni (Ug, Year 3)

4.       Dean’s List 2015
          •        CHEUNG Ka Lok (Graduated)
          •        CHEUNG Man Him (Ug, Year 4)
          •        CHEUNG Sze Ting (Ug, Year 2)
          •        CHUA Ying (Ug, Year 5)
          •        HUI Wing Ho (Ug, Year 3)
          •        LAU Pik Yan (Ug, Year 3)
          •        LEE Wai Ho (Ug, Year 4)
          •        LING Chin Pang (Ug, Year 3)
          •        SO Wai Fung (Ug, Year 3)

5.       Chung Chi College Head’s List
          •        AU Oi Ming (Ug, Year 3)

6.       Chung Chi Scholarship for Excellence
          •        CHENG Yau Lam (Ug, Year 3)

7.       Chung Chi Alumni Scholarship for Excellence
          •        TANG Ling Hei (Ug, Year 1)

8.     Leung Hung Kee Scholarships for Distinguished History Undergraduate Students to Undertake Research Work 2016-17
          •        CHUI Wai Lam (Ug, Year 3)
          •        LAU Pik Yan (Ug, Year 3)
          •        LAU Sum Yi Cherry (Ug, Year 1)
          •        LING Chin Pang (Ug, Year 3)
          •        SHUM Ka Man (Ug, Year 3)
          •        WONG Chak Yeung (Ug, Year 1)
          •        WONG Lik Yi (Ug, Year 3)
          •        WONG Sin Tung (Ug, Year 3)
          •        WONG Wai Lam (Ug, Year 3)
          •        YEUNG Tsz Hong (UG, Year 3)

9.       Kunkle and Pommerenke Scholarship
          •        CHONG Zhun Hung (Ug, Year 4)

10.     Professor Tsang Shui Lung Memorial Scholarship in History
          •        TANG Ling Hei (Ug, Year 1)

11.     Wong Fook Luen Memorial Scholarship
          •        CHUNG Oi Yan (Ug, Year 1)

12.     Alumni Association Distinguished Sportswoman of the Year Award
          •        WONG Hiu Tung (Ug, Year 4)

13.     Scholarship for Outstanding History MA Students
          •        GUO Yejia
          •        HUEN Chung Yuen Ian

14.     MPhil in History Scholarship
          •        HUANG Xinyu (MA, Year 1)
          •        LAI Yan (MA, Year 1)

15.     Mr. Y. S. Hui Postgraduate Scholarships
          •        CHIU Chung Wai Vito (PhD, Year 4)

16.     Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence (2016-17)
          •        WANG Hui (PhD, Year 2)

17.      Hop Wai Short-term Research Grant (2017-18)
           •       LI Zigui (PhD, Year 1)

The Department Board of History will hold its Third Meeting (2016–17) on Friday 2 June 2017 at 2:30pm. Students can express their views to the Department Board through student societies or RPg student representatives attending that meeting.

Term 1 of 2017-18 will commence on 4 September 2017. The term dates for 2017-18 are as follows:

Term 1: 4 September 2017–2 December 2017
Term 2: 8 January 2018–21 April 2018
Summer session: 14 May 2018–30 June 2018

Details of course enrolments for 2017-18 via CUSIS will be announced by the Registration and Examination Section, Registry (for undergraduates) and the Graduate School (for postgraduates) in due course.


Acting Appointment

Prof. LAI Ming Chiu, Chairman, will be on a duty trip from 7 to 14 May 2017. Prof. CHEUNG Sui Wai will be the Acting Chairman during Prof. LAI’s absence.

Academic Activities

Recapping the Teaching Enhancement Workshop on 13 April 2017

Prof. LAI Ming Chiu, Chairman; Prof. HO Pui Yin, Vice-chair; and Prof. POO Mu-chou, Division Head, held a Teaching Enhancement Workshop on 13 April 2017, which was attended by 25 MPhil and PhD students. Both the teachers and students treasured the opportunity to discuss issues on teaching and learning and share their valuable experience as teaching assistants in the Department of History.

Upcoming Events

Workshops for First-Year & Final-Year RPG Students with Visiting Scholars 2016–17

Date: 28 April 2017 (Friday)
Time: 9:30am–12:30pm
Venue: Room 101, 1/F, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK
Moderator: WAN Yuk Ping

Speaker Topic Medium
CHOI Ka Hin The Art of Governance of Authoritarian Leaders in Asia:
A Comparative Study of Lee Kuan Yew and Deng Xiaoping
LI Zigui Technology, Information and Transnational Human Network: A Study on North China Herald (1850-1911) Putonghua
KWOK Chin Ting
軍事革命視野下的晚明義烏兵考實 Cantonese
明清之際傳華西式火炮對中國傳統城防系統的影響 Putonghua
XU Peng
(Visiting Scholar)
繼續革命:中共建政初期對公營企業年獎制度的調適與取消 Putonghua

For enquiry, please call 3943 7119.

The newsletter will resume in September 2017.
The Department of History wishes you all a fruitful and enjoyable summer!

For teachers and students who have information to share with the Department, please email your articles in both Chinese and English to by 4:00pm every Tuesday.