The Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of History Department of History
Application Procedure

Applicants can apply online at Graduate School website (

The "application no." should be quoted on all documents. Completed application forms and the required supporting documents should reach the Office of History Division on or before the application deadline.

Supporting documents required include:

  1. Submit Online Application Form
  2. Official Transcripts from the University attended by applicant.* However, CUHK students (or graduates) may submit photocopies of their CUHK transcripts
  3. Copies of Degree Certificates
  4. Applicants who obtained degrees from universities in Mainland China are required to provide an Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate (教育部學歷證書電子註冊備案表) issued by the CHESICC (學信網).
  5. Documents showing the applicant has fulfilled the Graduate School's English Language Proficiency Requirement#
  6. An essay/term paper on history in either Chinese or English
  7. A research proposal with clear objectives and proposed methodology in either Chinese or English (please refer to Note (1) for preparing a research proposal)
  8. Copy of ID Card or Passport
  9. Confidential recommendations from two referees*
  10. Application Fee Receipt (Not necessary for credit card payment through online application)

Note:* Official Transcripts and Confidential recommendation must reach the Office of History Division from the University and referees.

       # For TOFEL / IELTS, only the original valid official score report sent directly from the respective test organization to the University will be accepted. Original examinee’s score report will not be accepted (TOFEL - The University’s institution code is 0812. IELTS - please fill in the contact information of the Division of History on Question 23 of the IELTS Application Form.)

The Selection Committee of the History Division will start viewing applications right after the application deadline. Selected applicants may be invited for an interview.

Successful applications will be recommended to Graduate School for admission. Applicants may login Graduate School’s Admission System and check your application results in the section of “View Application Result”.


(1) Guideline for preparing a Research Proposal

Contents of the Research Proposal

The guiding principal for a good Research Proposal is that you must have a serious question in mind that is worthy of careful, thorough research. That is, you must be able to state a proposition (or series of related propositions) which is worthy of detailed research and analysis.

The proposal should be written in either English or Chinese (around 10,000 words) and include:

  1. Topic of research proposal
  2. Project objectives (A clear statement of aims of the research you wish to investigate)
  3. An outline of the research background of the topic, giving an overview of some current findings in the area, with references.
  4. Research Methodology (The methods you intend to apply to the research questions)
  5. A brief summary
  6. Project Significance and Value(Why it is a worthy and/or topic)
  7. A list of works cited in your proposal