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Tuition Fee & Financial Assistance

Tuition Fee, 2019-20

Full-time: HK$42,100 per annum
Part-time: HK$42,100 per annum

Financial Assistance

Postgraduate Studentships
Postgraduate Studentship (PGS) is a form of financial assistance provided to full-time postgraduate students registered in research degree programmes. Holders of such studentship are not employees of the University.

The award of a PGS will be made known to students at the same time as they receive their admission offers, students need not make a separate application for obtaining the award. The monthly stipend for Postgraduate Studentship is HK$17,330 for 2019-20. Students receiving PGS awards are expected to assist in the teaching and research work of the Department. Their duties will be assigned by the Department Chairman.

M.Phil. in History Scholarship
The purpose of the M.Phil. in History Scholarship is to support graduate(s) of the M.A. in Comparative and Public History Programme during his/her study as a full-time M.Phil. History student from 2006-07 onwards. Details of the Scholarship are as follows:

The Candidate should be either a full-time or part-time M.A. student in their final year of study, or recent graduate* who has applied for admission to the full-time M.Phil. in History Programme.

  1. There is no separate application procedure for the scholarship. All applicants who fulfill the requirement mentioned above will be automatically considered for the scholarship.
  2. A candidate who is admitted to the full-time M.Phil. History Programme will be awarded the scholarship after the Graduate School officially grants admission.
  3. Scholarship award recipient will receive a monthly studentship from the University during his/her normative study period.
  4. Scholarship award recipient will be required to carry out certain duties (which may include teaching assistance and research assistance) as part of the training for his/her postgraduate studies. The duties will be prescribed by the Department Chairman.

Note:* To qualify for the scholarship, M.A. degree holders should apply for admission to the full-time M.Phil. History Programme within five years after graduation.

The University also administers a number of scholarships and prizes, awarded on the basis of academic performance and nominations from the Department, Division and/or the Faculty of Arts. Those for overseas studies would be open for students' application.