The Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of History Department of History
  1. Course selection flexibility: students are offered maximum freedom in their choice of courses.
  2. A bi-literate (Chinese and English) and tri-lingual (Cantonese, Putonghua and English) learning environment.
  3. Cultivation of creativity and originality: emphasis on cultivating student’s ability to conduct original research.
  4. Studying method and examinations place less emphasis on memorization.
  5. Fieldwork is an integral part in the study of History. Students have many opportunities for conducting field research in Hong Kong, on the Mainland or in overseas countries throughout the academic year.
  6. Non-credit based overseas study tour(s) will be organized each year.
  7. Academic Advisory System: Every student will be assigned an academic advisor providing general supervision on studying and adaptation to the University.
  8. A choice of daytime, evening and Saturday courses is available.