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CHEUNG Hiu Yu, Jack

BA, M.Phil. (CUHK); Ph.D. (Arizona State University)
Assistant Professor, Department of History, CUHK


Address: Room 127, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK, NT, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3943 5489

My research interest focuses on the intellectual and social history of the Middle Period of China (7th-14th century). I deal with various texts of intellectual communication in Tang and Song periods, including annotations and commentaries on traditional Classics, literati letters between scholar-officials, memorials, encyclopedias on daily life, as well as other kinds of elite and vernacular literature. In particular, I am interested in how knowledge has been produced, exchanged and transmitted in imperial China. My current writing project focuses on the correlation between the New Learning (xinxue新學) community and the Daoxue fellowship (道學) in the late Northern Song. Switching between intellectual, social and political history, my study shares the convention that ideas and conceptions of ideas play a key role in maintaining a sense of connectedness among people of different spatial and temporal horizons. The study of intellectual history, in this light, serve as a lens through which not only we examine the history of past horizons, but also reflect on our modern mentality.

Research Projects

  1. 2018 - 2019, Principal investigator, “Empowered by Imperial Ancestors: Ritual Politics and Ritualists in Northern Song Reforms” (威兮其祖: 北宋改革中的禮儀政治與禮臣), sponsored by the ECS Grant of, Research Grant Council (RGC) of Hong Kong Project number: 24603017
  2. 2017 - 2018, Principal investigator, “The making of “New Court Rituals” in the transition period of the early Northern Song (1000-1067),” sponsored by the Direct Grant of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  3. 2016 - 2017, Publication project, Lüman chuangqian《綠滿窗前-吐露港讀書劄記》, funded by the Project Grant of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC)
  4. 2014 - 2015, Doctoral fellowship, “Sequence of power: ritual controversy over the zhaomu sequence in imperial ancestral rites in Song China (960-1279),” funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation

Course Offered

  1. Tradition and Transformation of Chinese History
  2. Topic studies in Traditional Chinese History: Song, Liao, Jin and Yuan
  3. Intellectual History of the Middle Age of China
  4. Comparative History: Medieval Europe and Tang and Song China
  5. Chinese Historiography: Songyuan xuean
  6. The study of Chinese historical sources

Selected Publications

(* Refereed books, journal articles, and book chapters)

[A] Monographs:

  1. Cheung Hiu Yu. Lüman chuangqian 綠滿窗前. Infolink Publishing Limited 匯智出版. Forthcoming (2017). Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) sponsored project.
  2. Cheung Hiu Yu 張曉宇. Tangshi songci daoshang 唐詩宋詞導賞 (An Introduction to Tang and Song Poetry). Hong Kong: Infolink Publishing Limited 匯智出版, 2010. HKADC sponsored project.
  3. Cheung Hiu Yu. Lianzhongwu: songdai zaishinu caichangquan zhi xingtai yu yiyi 奩中物: 宋代在室女財產權之形態與意義 (Dowry: Pattern and Significance of Daughters’ Property Ownership in Song China). Nanjing: Jiangsu jiaoyu chubanshe 江蘇教育出版社, 2008. (*)


[B] Articles and Papers:

  1. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Cong Bian Tang zhi li dao zhangxian xinyi: Bei Song qianqi xinli wenti yu Taichang yingeli” 從「變唐之禮」到「章獻新儀」──北宋前期「新禮」問題與《太常因革禮》. Chinese Studies 漢學研究. 37.1 (2019.3) (THCI; EBSCO, forthcoming). (*)
  2. Hiu Yu, Cheung. “Ritual and Politics: An Examination of the 1072 Primal Ancestor Debate in the Northern Song.” Frontiers of History in China. 2018 (Forthcoming) (*)
  3. Hiu Yu, Cheung. “Inventing a New Tradition: The Revival of the Discourses of Family Shrines in the Northern Song.” Journal of Song and Yuan Studies. Vol. 47, 2019. (Forthcoming)  (*)
  4. Hiu Yu, Cheung. “The Way Turning Inward: An Examination of the ‘New Learning’ Usage of daoxue in Northern Song China,” Philosophy East and West. Print: 69:1. Forthcoming (2019). Early Released Version (ELV) in Project Muse, (2017): doi: 10.1353/pew.0.0120 (*)
  5. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Xuepai yiwai: Bei Song shiren Zhou Hao de zhengzhi ji xueshu sixiang” 學派以外: 北宋士人鄒浩的政治及學術思想 (Beyond “School”—The Thought and Political Stance of Zou Hao (1060–1111) in the Northern Song), Intellectual History思想史. Vol. 8, 2018. (*)
  6. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Cong Huangyin shijian zailun Yuanyou chuqi zhengjiu yu dangzheng” 從黃隱事件再論元祐初期政局與黨爭 (Re-examining the Yuanyou Politics and Factional Conflicts: The Huang Yin Incident and Its Indication). Journal of Chinese Studies 中國文化研究所學報. Vol. 66 (2018):1–23. (*)
  7. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Cong Yuan-Ming dixiu baiwushijuanben lishu luelun Chen Xiangdao lishu de jinxianguocheng ji yiyi” 從元明遞修百五十卷本《禮書》略論陳祥道《禮書》的進獻過程及意義. Lishi wenxian yanju 歷史文獻研究, Shanghai: Huadong shifandaxue chubanshe華東師範大學出版社. Vol. 39 (2017.9): 291–300. (CSSCI). (*)
  8. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Zhuanda de xianzhi: Tang zhi Beisong taichangliyuan yangekao”「專達」的「閒職」—唐至北宋太常禮院沿革考, in Zhongguo gudai zhengzhizhidu yu lishidili: Yangengwang xiansheng bailing jinian lunwenji中國古代政治制度與歷史地理──嚴耕望先生百齡紀念論文集. Wehan daxue chubanshe武漢大學出版社. Forthcoming (2018).
  9. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Jinri lingfeng bumanqi: feiming shi ‘Jizhilin’ zhong de cuoe yu liubai” 盡日靈風不滿旗──廢名詩《寄之琳》中的錯愕與留白 (Flag flying half in the wind-anxiety and ambiguity in Fei Ming's Ji Zhilin). Masterpieces Review名作欣賞 (Shanxi), 209 (2007): 118-19,123. (*)
  10. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Biyingwu dui hongqiangwei--yishan ‘rishe’ shi shiyi”碧鸚鵡對紅薔薇──義山〈日射〉詩釋義 (Green Parrot and Red Rose: A new interpretation of Li Shangyin's Sunshine). Hong Kong Literature Research文學研究 (HK), Vol. 6 (2007): 96-105.
  11. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Beisong taixue zhidu yu taixuesheng jiuguoyundong neizai lianxi cutan” 北宋太學制度與太學生救國運動內在聯繫初探 (A Study on the intrinsic relationship between the student movement and the official school system in Song Dynasty). Academic Monthly學術月刊 (Shanghai), 413 (2003): 60-66 (*)


[C] Book Review:

  1. (Invited Comments) Cheung Hiu Yu. Review of Patricia Buckley, Ebrey, Emperor Huizong. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014. Frontiers of History in China, Vol. 9 no.2 (June, 2014), 311-14.


[D] Translation:

  1. Hoyt Tillman, “Haojing dui wujing zhongyong he daotong de fansi” 郝經對五經、《中庸》和道統的反思 (Hao Jing's Reflections on the Five Classics, the Doctrine of the Mean and the Concept of Daotong). Zhongguo wenzhe yanjiu tongxun 中國文哲研究通訊, published by Academia Sinica’s Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy. (March, 2014): 73-94.


[E] Conference Papers:

  1. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Jiezhi ziding: Bei Song taimiao shixiang yu jipin Zhengyi zhongde zhengji yishi” 「節制自定」──北宋太廟時享與祭品爭議中的「正禮」意識. The 18th Annual Conference of the China Association for Song Dynasty Studies 十至十三世紀西北史地學術研討會暨中國宋史研究會第十八屆年會 (August, 2018, Lanzhou, China) (*)
  2. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Chengmen de jiangou yu fengong: cong Chengmen diyidai dizi de shuxin tanqi” 「程門」的建構與分工—從「程門」第一代弟子的書信談起. International Workshop of Song studies 日本宋代史研究会夏合宿 (August, 2018, Ito, Japan)  (*)
  3. Cheung Hiu Yu. “The rise of a new understanding of “loyalty” in late thirteenth-century China.” International workshop: Confronting Predicament: The Mentality and Patterns of Behavior of Chinese Intellectuals in the Second Millennium (May, 2018, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; also served as the chief organizer)
  4. Cheung Hiu Yu. Dividing the New Tradition: The Development of the New Learning Ritual Scholarship in the Northern Song. Leiden, Second Conference on Middle Period of Chinese Humanities. (Forthcoming, Sept. 14-17, 2017) (*)
  5. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Beisong chenlie shiji de yige sixiangshi kaocha” 北宋陳烈事跡的一個思想史考察. The international conference dedicated to Prof. Sun Guodong, with a focus on Tang and Song historical studies 紀念孫國棟教授暨唐宋史國際學術研討會. (June 9-10, 2017).
  6. Cheung Hiu Yu. “Zhuanda de xianzhi: Tang zhi Beisong taichangliyuan yangekao”「專達」的「閒職」—唐至北宋太常禮院沿革考. The memorial conference dedicated to Prof. Yan Gengwang: Politics, institutions, and historical geography of the Middle Periods of China 嚴耕望先生百齡紀念學術研討會――中古政治制度與歷史地理. (Oct. 14-15, 2016).
  7. Cheung Hiu Yu. “The Way” Turning Inward: An Examination of the New Learning Usage of daoxue in the Late Northern Song Period. 2014 Western Conference Association for Asian Studies. (Oct. 2014). (*)
  8. Cheung Hiu Yu. Ritual and politics: A Case Study of the 1072 Primal Ancestor Debate in the Northern Song period. Harvard Conference on Middle Period China, 800-1400. (June 2014). (*)
  9. Cheung Hiu Yu. The 1079 zhaomu Debate: The Song Ritual Controversy over Ancestral Rites. American Oriental Society, Western Branch Meeting 2012. (Nov. 2012). (*)