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B.A. (University of Hong Kong); Ph D (Princeton University)
Director of CUHK-SYSU Centre for Historical Anthropology;
Wei Lun Research Professor of History, CUHK


Address: Room 110, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK, NT, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3943 7133

I think I am interested in social history. That means I am interested in custom, but I am not really interested in the history of customs. I am also interested in life style, but the social history I want to write is not the history of lifestyles. I guess I am interested in social structure, not the social structure created by historians, but the social structure which the people I am interested in identify with. I believe people can only surpass the limits imposed by the structure they identify with by understanding it. Yes, I think we read history to contribute to a better life.

Research Specializations and Interests

  1. The history of the lineage in south China
  2. Chinese business history
  3. The history of Hong Kong
  4. Local history in China

Research Projects

  1. I have been working on the history of various places in Shanxi province, Jiangnan and the West River, and am still continuing with business history.

Course Offered

  1. State and Society in the Pearl River Delta, 1368-1911
  2. Commerce and Society in China, 1368-2000
  3. Economy and Society in China from 1500

Selected Publications

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  2. China and Capitalism, A History of Business Enterprise in Modern China, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press 2006.
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