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CHOI Chi Cheung

BA (National University of Taiwan); M.Phil. (CUHK); DLitt (Tokyo University)
Vice Chairman; Professor (Teaching), Department of History, CUHK


Address: Room 108, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK, NT, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3943 7133

The history I am interested in is how the contemporary individual, family, community and government talk, interpret and utilize the past in order to construct the present. In other words, I am interested in how the past is told and retold in different periods and by different groups, how reality is chosen and forgotten in the process of reconstructing the past, how fiction is historicized and how past events are fabricated. I am interested in how voices are controlled, who controls them and where we can find the lives and ways of living of those individuals and groups of people whose voices are forgotten or not heard. Perhaps the history I am pursuing is the self-reflexive I who is being molded and remolded through the process of thinking and learning.

Research Specializations and Interests

  1. Festival and Popular Religion in Chinese societies
  2. Family and lineage in Modern China
  3. Chinese Business History
  4. Chinese Societies in South China and South East Asia
  5. Study of Ethnicity

Research Projects

Research Projects

  1. “Between Ghost and Ancestor: Grand Universal Salvation Rituals (萬緣勝會) of the Cantonese Chinese in South China, Hong Kong and the British Strait Settlements”
  2. “Universal Salvation Ritual of the Chinese in Japan: 30-year revisit”
  3. “Stepping out: Chinese women in the Chaoshan and Taishan Emigrant Communities, 1850-1950”
  4. “Festivals, intangible cultural heritage and the preservation: research and editorial work on “Worship and salvation in Hong Kong”, Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, June 2008-Dec. 2010, (Project ID: 6902474, HK$85000)
  5. “Communities in the boundaries: comparative studies on the history, culture and regional networks of Overseas Chinese’s hometowns in South China 在邊境的社區: 華南地方社會的歷史、社會和文化的比較研究”
  6. Centrality and periphery: Ethnicity in Hunan
  7. Family firm and business network

Course Offered

  1. Modern Chinese Social and Economic History
  2. Study of Emigrant communities
  3. Family firm: management and hierarchies in modern China
  4. Studies on Archives and Folk documents
  5. Traditional Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong
  6. Festival and popular religion in Modern China
  7. Chinese Business and Society

Selected Publications

  1. 〈祖先的節日、子孫的節日:香港新界粉嶺圍彭氏的洪朝、清明和太平清醮〉《溫州大學學報社会科学版》 23(4):, 2010, 頁17-25。
  2. 〈三代魔咒? 婚姻,繼嗣與華人家族企業的結構〉于鄭宏泰,周文港編《華人家族企業傳承研究》,香港:香港大學香港人文社會研究所,2010, 頁102-119。
  3. “Stepping out? Women in the Chaoshan Emigrant Communities, 1850-1950” in Siu, Helen F. (ed.),Merchants’ Daughters: Women, Commerce, and Regional Culture in South China, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press,2010, pp.105-127, 300-305.
  4. 〈靈魂信仰、儀式行為與社群建構:以馬來西亞檳榔嶼的廣東暨汀州會館為例〉,江明修、丘昌泰主編《客家族群與文化再現》臺北:智勝文化事業有限公司,2009, 頁93-108。
  5. 〈譜牒與下位繼嗣群體的建構:以廣東省香山縣李屋邊李氏為例〉, 《尋根》no. 3, 2008 (vol.83), pp.9-13
  6. 〈城隍、厲鬼與明清國家規範〉,林緯毅編《城隍信仰》,新加坡:新加坡韮菜芭城隍廟2008,頁49-63。
  7. 〈陰陽過度: 2004年新加坡九鯉洞逢甲普度中的儀式與劇場〉,《南洋學報》61:2007, 頁1-9。
  8. 〈開山宿老與英雄﹕歷史記憶與香港的移民﹑定居與糾紛的傳說〉,賴澤涵、傅寶玉編《義民信仰與客家社會》台北:南天書局有限公司,2006,頁247-276。
  9. 《打醮:香港的節日與地域社會》,香港:三聯出版社,2000。
  10. • “Kinship and business: paternal and maternal kin in the Chaozhou Chinese family firms” Business History 40(1): 1998, pp. 26-49.
  11. "Re-enforcing ethnicity: the Jiao festival in Cheung Chau" in Faure, David & Helen Siu (ed.) Down to Earth: The Territorial Bond in South China, Stanford Univ. Press, 1995, pp.104-122, 247-253.
  12. "Competition among brothers: the Kin Tye Lung Company and its associate companies" in Brown, Rajeswary (ed.) Chinese Business Enterprise in Asia, Routledge, 1995, pp.96-114.
  13. 〈二十世紀初期米糧貿易對農村經濟的影響: 湖南省個案研究〉 《食貨月刊》 十六卷九、十期合刊,頁22-50,十一、十二期合刊,頁50-62,1987。