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Research Grants/Awards

Title of Project:
New Perspectives on Ancient Civilizations

Principal Investigator:
Professor POO Mu-chou, Department of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Funding Source:
Knowledge Transfer Project Fund

Abstract of Research:
        This project is designed in the form of workshop to allow high school teachers in Hong Kong to have access to the latest scholarly knowledge about the ancient world (Near East, Greece, Egypt, China), so that they could revise their received information and be able to teach their students with such new knowledge.

The workshop consists of four parts:

Part one: The participating professors will give lectures on the frontiers of knowledge in their respective field of research. The lecture will be followed by discussion sessions.

Part two: When the project begins the participants would be encouraged to form their own projects so that they could design activities that are geared to their interests and needs. Thus the details of Part Two can be adjusted when circumstances requires. For a tentative scheme, the participating high school teachers will form four to six discussion groups amongst themselves, lead by four to six leaders chosen from among the participants, to meet regularly for a period of time, to discuss their needs and to read suggested material and review the teaching and learning issues related to ancient civilization. The leaders will meet with the professors to discuss matters arise from the discussions and readings.
Beside projects and discussions, field trips to museums and ancient monuments are expected to be conducted within this period. The trip will be on voluntary basis, and paid by the participants or funding other than KTPF.

Part three: At the end of the series of meetings, the groups will present the result of their projects and gather their thoughts, questions and suggestions regarding the teaching and learning of ancient civilizations. All will then meet again, in four sessions, lead by the professors to discuss the issues posed by the groups.

A final report of the discussions will then be distributed to all participants as their teaching aid and reference.