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HIST5011A Perspectives in Comparative and Public History

(First Term, 2019-2020)


Instructor: Prof. LEUNG Yuen Sang

Tutor: Ms. Emily CHEUNG Ching Man


Course Description

This is a require course for the History M.A. Programme in Comparative and Public History. It is designed to be a foundation course for M.A. studetns who pursue academic research or a professional career related to Public History or/and Comparative History. The course will introduce the basic characteristics and major trends in Public and Comparative history, and presend a variety of approaches and methodologies in these two fields.


Lecture and Tutorial Schedule

Medium: English
Time: 18:30-20:00
Venue: YIA 505

Week Date Lecture   Tutorial 
1 Sep 2 (Mon Introduction: Origin and Characteristics of Programme, Course Mechanics  
Sep 7 (Sat) -----  Tutorial #1
2 Sep 9 (Mon) Comparative History: Background and State of the Field  
3 Sep 16 (Mon) Public History: Definitions, Development and Rising Significance  Tutorial #2
4 Sep 23 (Mon) Topics in Comparative History I: Europe and China - Marco Comparisons  Tutorial #3
5 Sep 30 (Mon) Topics in Comparative History II: Modernization and East Asia  Tutorial #4
6 Oct 7 (Mon) Public Holiday - Chung Yeung Festival  
7 Oct 14 (Mon) Topics in Comparative History III: Impact of Colonialism on Asian Cities - Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai  
8 Oct 21 (Mon) Topics in Comparative History IV: Walls and Waters - Comparing City Cultures in Shanghai and Hong Kong  Tutorial #5
9 Oct 28 (Mon) Topics in Public History I: Memories and Monuments - Records, Archives, and Buildings  
10 Nov 4 (Mon) Topics in Public History II: Heritage and Legends - Yi He Xuan and Tung Wah  Tutorial #6
11 Nov 11 (Mon) Topics in Public History III: History in the Field - Excursion and Observation  
12 Nov 18 (Mon) Topics in Public History IV: History Within the Walls - Museum Studies  
13 Nov 25 (Mon) Conclusions  


Assignments and Assessment

1. Participation 30% (Class Participation 10% + Tutorial 20%)

2. One Book Reivew 20% (1500-2000 words, due on Nov 11)

3. One Project Paper 50% (3000-4000 words, due on Dec 4)


This is a brief outline of the course. For further details and most updated information, please login to the Blackboard of HIST5011A ( [available for use - 26 August onwards]