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The Rule of Law in World History (4000-Level Lecture Course)

2019-2020 Term 2


    This course introduces students to the major themes and events in Western legal history, beginning with the legacy of ancient Greek and Roman law and culminating in its global legacy in the modern U.S. and Asia. It combines aspects of both the content and social history of the law (text and context) as it developed over time from antiquity to the present day. Key topics include the emergence of the Roman legal tradition, its reception in antiquity and the Middle Ages, the development of non-Roman legal systems such as English Common Law, and the spread of international and commercial law in the early modern period. It concludes by considering the impact of the various Western legal traditions in the modern world (especially contemporary China), helping students understand present-day legal changes in historical context.


Instructor: Prof. Stuart MCMANUS


Office: Room 221E, Fung King Hey Building 


Instructor: Prof. James MORTON 


Office: Room 221B, Fung King Hey Building 

Teaching Assistant: CAO Huiyi



Lecture: Thu 4:30pm - 6:15pm, LSK 306

Language: English