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HIST 4390

Ancient Egypt: History, Art, Religion and Modern Perceptions

(2019-20 Sem2)


Instructor:Professor Poo Mu Chou

Office:KHB 102

Language of Instruction: English

Location: UCA 104, Wed 10:30am-12:15pm

TA: Guo Yejia



This course is designed to give the students basic knowledge of the culture of ancient Egypt. Subjects such as history, art, religion, literature, society, science and technology will be discussed. In addition, the students will also learn through the example of Egypt how our modern perception of ancient culture was formed, subjects such as the changing images of Egypt throughout history in the West, and the modern appropriation of Egyptian themes in art, literature and cinema will be part of the discussion. It is hoped that, by taking this class, the students could obtain a solid and factual based understanding of ancient Egyptian culture, learn to appreciate a different and distant society and culture, and to develop the ability to reflect upon the nature of history and how history and historical knowledge could be formed and utilized or distorted for different objectives.