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HIST3181 中國近代社會經濟史

(2019–2020 上學期)


課程簡介Course Description

This course examines the traditional Chinese society and its modern transformation. Emphasis will be placed on (1) basic socio-economic structures, (2) matters of social stratification and mobilization and (3) interrelationship of state economy and local society. Topics include: land and people, population, family and lineage, rural social structure, social stratification and mobility, gentry and leaders, social and economic networks, urban development, China and capitalism, state and local economy, merchants and guilds, religion and popular belief, and rebellion and revolution.

Students are required to actively participate in tutorial discussions and complete various training assignments and writing an end-of-term paper.


課程講師:蔡志祥教授(Prof. CHOI Chi Cheung

電話:(852) 3943 7127

辦公室:FKH 108


課程助教:葉健孚(YIP Kin Fu)



上課時間:星期四 1630–1815

上課地點:邵逸夫夫人樓 C1 (LSB C1)