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HIST 2380 日本 History of Japan



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課程簡介 (Course Description)




This course explores the history and culture of Japan from the ancient time to the present. It covers the aspects of political and economic development, foreign relations, social thought, cultural feature, historical site and various typical literature of Japan in different periods. Through this course, students will gain a thorough understanding of the cultural evolution of Japan which was greatly influenced by the cultures of China, Europe and the U.S. successively, and the interactions among the developments of politics, society and literature in Japan. They will also be able to command the prospect of Japan, the Japanese culture and Sino-Japanese relations in the 21st century. This course is interactive in nature. Lessons will be conducted in the forms of PowerPoint demonstration, multi-media learning (watching history film, documentary, TV program, drama, song and dance, music program and the Internet entertainment, etc), appreciation of photos of historical site and relic, selective reading of the traditional and pop literature, class discussion, interactive tutorial and e-learning modules.


課程講師 (Course Lecturer)

蕭錦華博士 (Dr. Siu Kam-wah, Joseph) 

電話:39437274 E-mail:



課程助教 (Course Tutor)

呂卓遙先生 (Mr. Lui Cheuk-yiu, Brian)



講授課時間及地點 (Lecture Time & Venue)

星期三10:30am-12:15pm 李兆基樓(LSK) 306室


導修課時間及地點 (Lecture Time & Venue)

星期三12:30-1:15pm 李兆基樓(LSK) LT1室


授課語言 Medium of Instruction

廣東話講授,輔以日本語說明 (Cantonese (Japanese explanation if need be))