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History of America


課程講師:Prof. Noah SHUSTERMAN 
電話: (852) 39431765
辦公室:Room 403, Fung King Hey Building

導師及助教: Mr. WANG Yongxi

上課時間:10:30am-12:15pm, Tuesday

上課地點: Room 302, Lee Shau Kee Building

授課語言: English


This course will cover the history of the United States from its founding in the eighteenth century through the Cold War. There will be particular emphasis on the struggles of marginalized groups to achieve the status of full citizenship; of particularly American notions of masculinity; and of the role of interpersonal violence in both urban and rural United States. Assignments will include several short quizzes, a short (~2000 word) research paper, and a brief take-home exam. Please note that the content of the course corresponds to its Chinese title rather than its English title, “History of America,” which would be a history of North, Central, and South America.