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HIST1000B History for Today 

January-April 2020 (2019-20 Semester Two)


Lecturer:  Prof. Puk Wing-kin 卜永堅

Tel:         (+852)3943 7062

Office:     Room 123, Fung King Hey Building



Tutor:      Mr. Lau Tsz Kwan 劉子鈞



Lecture: Thursday 0830-1015

Venue:    LSK LT1

Medium of instruction: English



Course Description

        The study of history is at once a science, an art and a craft. Why? In what sense? This course answers this question with concrete case studies. Different types of historical archives will be selected, and ways with which these archives are interpreted will be demonstrated. Major themes of historical study will also be introduced. 


Learning Outcomes

 By the end of the course, students will:

*   Have enhanced awareness and curiosity of professional historical knowledge and its relevance to today’s major issues or personal concerns;

*   Have enhanced judgment to distinguish narratives from facts;

*   Have enhanced ability to practice the craft, science and art of historical research;

*   Have enhanced reading, writing, and oral expression skills.


Two Important Websites

*   CUHK Blackboard in which all course materials are uploaded:


*   CUHK History Department Course Website: