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New Book by Dr. SIU Kam Wah

Integration and Differentiation among China, Japan and Korea

Cosmos Books Ltd.

Year of Publication: 2017
Editor: Dr. SIU Kam Wah
The Chinese culture-centric cultural sphere of East Asia which had been formed and evolved since the ancient times has been disintegrating and transforming due to the spread of the western civilization since the mid- nineteenth century. Although China, Japan and Korea have gradually been going through different ways of modernization, the three countries still attempted to seek unity in diversity in the process of their intercourse and interaction. Particularly under the trend of globalization, the societies and economies of China, Japan and Korea have been moving towards integration on one hand, and their political and diplomatic relations have been filled with confrontation and conflict on the other hand. Different sectors of the East Asian community have been identifying and constructing a common culture to facilitate the sustainable development and peace restoration of East Asia. This book analyses the intercourse and developments among the three countries in the aspects of music, religion, philosophy translation, film studies, environmental protection and energy cooperation to reveal the integration and divergence of their interaction and transformation particularly in the social and economic areas within the changing East Asian cultural sphere. From this we may forecast that the cultural sphere and international relations of East Asia tend to pursue unity through diversity and turn crises into opportunities which appear to develop in its own peculiar way under the process of globalization and regionalization.