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HIST6012 HIST7012

【2015-2016 Term 2】
HIST 6012 7012 Selected Themes in Modern Chinese History: Socio-Economic Issues in Late Qing Early Republican China
Lecturer: Professor Ho Hon-wai
Tel no.:         3943 1757
Office:           KHB 119
Venue:Room 206, Lee Shau Kee Building
Date & Time:Friday 10:30am-12:15pm
Medium of Instruction: Cantonese

This course is an ensemble of studies of late-Qing-early-Republican Chinese socio-economic issues. Professor Ho Hon-wai will share with students the long and complex process of identifying a research problem, formulating hypothesis, collecting and analyzing historical data, revising and rewriting, submitting to journals and further rewriting and finally publishing. Students will learn what historical craftsmanship really means.