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HIST5526PC 公共歷史特別專題(公共政策):明清的思想與社會——一個公眾歷史的考量

(2015-16 第一學期)

課程講師:熊秉真 教授 (Prof. HSIUNG Ping-chen)
電話: (852) 3943 7536
辦公室: 梁銶琚樓 LG 13D (KKL LG13D) 

導師及助教: 楊頌宇 (Mr. YANG Songyu)

上課時間:每週三 上午10:30 - 12:15 

上課地點:李兆基樓302 (LSK 302)

授課語言: 普通話



Designed to examine how ideas and cultural forces fared in the modern era in China, this is a seminar course that intends to have students think of the historical impact of modernity at the daily life level from a comparative perspective. It begins by introducing how fundamental structural changes in economics, demography, legal institutions, ethics, and religion, since the 17th century come to define the socio-cultural environment within which individuals and social groups in China formulated their ever-evolving adjustment. After a review of main interpretations for these historical changes, the course moves to show how the specific evolution of thinkers and intellectual institutions in late-imperial and modern China exhibit both comparable similarities as well as important contrast with those in early modern and modern Europe and America, in their encountering with modernity and beyond. There is by now a widely shared view among the historians that much of the basic values and institutional structure had changed or been put to the verge of fundamental change during the Ming-Qing period (1368-1911). In other words, as China approaches early modernity, excitement and anxieties are evident in many walks of life. This can be seen both from the micro- level of politico-economic history, high-minded intellectual history, and from the micro-level of everyday life. This course addresses social life in late imperial China, especially its flourishing material culture, both from the vantage point of Chinese history and in public history perspective.