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HIST 2001A 史學(初階) Historiography (Introductory)   2015--16年上學期


課程簡介 (Course Description)


本科旨在介紹歷史學的基本概念和歷史學家的角色,培養同學研究歷史,進行撰述的基本技能。這些技能包括運用工具指南,尋找研習各類歷史文獻,選定研究題目,確認史 料的類別及性質,批判、分析及組織史料證據,掌握歷史撰述的基本原則及其種種體例和學術規範,以及口頭報告、討論的技巧等。本科或安排學生參觀圖書館、檔案館、博物館或進行實地考察等。


This course aims at introducing the basic concepts of history and the historian and developing students' fundamental skills of conducting historical research and writing. These skills include using reference tools, locating and studying various historical documents, formulating research questions, identifying different categories of historical materials and their features, criticizing, analyzing and organizing historical data, mastering the principles of historical writing and its various styles and academic formats, grasping techniques of oral presentation and discussion, etc. Visits to libraries, archives, museums or field trips may also be arranged.


課程講師(Course Lecturer)

蕭錦華博士 (Dr. Siu Kam-wah, Joseph)

電話:39437274       E-mail:



課程助教 (Course Tutors)

陳琴女士 (Miss Chen Qin)          E-mail:

任雅萱女士 (Miss Ren Ya Xuan)    E-mail:


講授課時間及地點 (Lecture Time & Venue)

星期四下午2:30pm -4:15pm 李兆基樓(LSK) LT4室


授課語言 Medium of Instruction 

廣東話 (Cantonese)