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Selected Theme in Comparative History: Family, Gender, and Material Culture of Late Imperial China - A Comparison of Europe and Asia

(2014-15 Second Term)

Lecturer: Prof. HSIUNG Ping-chen
Phone: (852)3943-7536
Address: LG13D, Leung Kau Kui Building (KKL LG13D)

Period: Thursday 10:30am - 12:15pm
Venue: Room 212, Lee Shau Kee Building (LSK 212)
Language: : Putonghua / English


Course Description

           Designed to examine the history of family, gender and material culture in early modern societies in Asia and Europe, this is a senior seminar course that intends to have PhD students prepared for academic writing. It begins by introducing how fundamental structural changes in demography, legal, ethics, and religion related to gender and material culture, since the 17th century as those define the socio-cultural environment within which women, families and material culture operated in Asia and Europe as they (formulated) their ever-evolving adjustments. After a review of main interpretations for these historical changes, the course moves to show how the specific experiences of women, families and material culture in late-imperial and modern China exhibit both comparable similarities as well as important contrast with those in early modern and modern Europe.

            As senior seminar, there will be no prerequisites required for this course. Other than following weekly readings, taking part in classroom discussions, every student is expected to finish a paper, having included available field study in Hong Kong or the region (Taiwan, Macau, China), which is may be publishable or presentable in academic conference.