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(2013-14 Second Term)


Lecturer: Prof. POO Mu-chou
Office: (852) 394 37114
Address: Room 102, Fung King Hey Building



This course is aimed at two objectives: (1) to familiarize the students with major themes and problems of various religious traditions in Early and Medieval China, (2) to make an in depth study of a particular topic within the period covered by the course. The students are expected to read all the assigned readings of each topic listed below before each class and participate in discussions. Each topic is also assigned to a student as the discussion leader. The leader should prepare extensively on the topic and give an oral report in class before discussion. The oral report should contain (1) the current state of study on this topic, (2) original sources related to the topic (3) major issues related to the topic, (4) possibilities for further investigation, and (5) a bibliography. The course is so designed that, when it is over, each student would be fully aware of the major themes, current problems and issues, original sources, and in the possession of a useful bibliography related to our subject, so that these could constitute a core material to develop a course for teaching.



Thursday 16:30 - 18:15



Room 210, Lee Shau Kee Building (LSK 210)